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Marina Larionova
Germany G20 presidency and the test of Trump, Monitoring of Russia’s Economic Outlook No. 13(51) (July) (in Russian)

Elizaveta Safonkina
India`s 2016 BRICS Presidency in Asia and Africa today, #7 (in Russian)

Marina LarionovaAndrey Shelepov
G20-BRICS cooperation will make global governance more effective (in English) in G20 Germany: The Hamburg Summit 2017, Newsdesk Media Group, July 2017

Marina LarionovaAndrey Shelepov
Gx Delivery Legitimacy: Compliance by Members in Studia Diplomatica, LXVIII-3, 2017 (in English)

Marina Larionova
Russia in G20: Factors of Success and Objectives for the Future (in Russian)

Marina Larionova
G20: Harnessing Digital Innovations for Resilient and Inclusive Growth (in English

Marina Larionova, Andrey Shelepov, Andrei Sakharov, Mark Rakhmangulov
Trump’s Foreign Policy and Multilateral Institutions of Collective Governance (in Russian)

Marina Larionova, Andrey ShelepovAndrei SakharovMark Rakhmangulov
Donald Trump’s Policy and International Institutions (in Russian, in English

Andrey Shelepov
New and Traditional Multilateral Development Banks: Current and Potential Cooperation (in Russian, in English

Marina Larionova, Mark Rakhmangulov, Elizaveta Safonkina, Andrei Sakharov, Andrey Shelepov
G20 Priorities and Decisions Under Turkey's 2015 Presidency: Implementation, Inclusiveness and Investment for Strong, Sustainable and Balanced Growth (in Russian)

Elizaveta Safonkina
Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC): Models of Engagement with International Institutions in the Process of Regional Governance (in Russian


Marina Larionova, Andrey Shelepov
Potential role of the New Development Bank and Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank in the global financial system (in English)

Andrey Sakharov
A Policy Framework for Investment: An International Tool for Improving the Global Investment Regime (in Russian

Andrei Shelepov
BEPS Action Plan: Global Tax Cooperation (in Russian

Marina Larionova, Tatyana Lanshina
OECD and G20 Cooperation on Corporate Governance (in Russian

Marina Larionova, Mark Rakhmangulov, Andrei Shelepov
Explaining G20 and BRICS Compliance (in Russian, in English

Marina Larionova et. al.
Looking Across BRICS: An Emerging International Development Agenda? (in English)

Marina Larionova, Mark Rakhmangulov, Marc Berenson
Russia: A Re-emerging Donor (in English

Marina Larionova, Andrei Shelepov
Bonding the BRICS and the G20 (in English) in G20 China: The Hangzhou Summit 2016, Newsdesk Media Group, September 2016

Andrei Shelepov
Comparative Prospects of the New Development Bank and Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (in Russian

Elizaveta Safonkina
The Role of Business in Regional Governance: The Case of the APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC) in APEC (in Russian

Marina Larionova
Russia’s 2015-16 BRICS Presidency: Models of Engagement with International Organizations (in Russian, in English

Marina Larionova, Andrey Shelepov, Andrei Sakharov
Post-Brexit Britain: Its Relations with the EU and Its Future in the Framework of Multilateral Institutions (in Russian, in English)

Marina Larionova
Assessing Summit Engagement with Other International Organizations in Global Governance (in Russian, in English



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