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The library stock exceeds 1,000,000 items in Russian and foreign languages. The history of the RANEPA research library dates back to the XX-th century. The library stock originates from the library of the A.L.Shanyavsky Moscow City People’s University (1908–1918). After 1918 the library received book collections from Soviet research and academic institutions and organizations such as the Institute of Red Professors, Communist International (Comintern), Communist Party schools, Academy of Social Sciences etc.

The library keeps books in key fields of knowledge as well as dissertations defended at the RANEPA.



At the core of the RANEPA Rare Books Collection is the library of the A.L.Shanyavsky Moscow City People’s University. The collection was built by outstanding figures of the time. Among the first contributors were outstanding scientists and public figures such as V.Amphiteatrov, A.Chuprov, A.Reformatsky, V. Rot, publishers M.Sabashnikov and M.Sabashnikov, S.Muromtsev, L.Shanyavskaya and others.

5 корпус библиотекаOf special value was E,Yakushkin’s (the son of I Yakushkin, one of the Decembrists) library donated by his son, V.Yakushkin.

The library possesses an archive of historic texts – Russian books published before 1830, periodicals and other historic writings. The Collection was established so that these texts would be available to researchers and to preserve them in safety in the RANEPA library.

The Rare Books Collection currently has more than 1,100 items. The Collection comprises a set of books published between 1831 and 1917 that carries ownershp details such as ex libris, presentations and owners’ inscriptions.

Books from the Collection are available only at the Reading Hall.


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