Esko Aho: Management in Times of Uncertainty

06 November2015
Esko Aho: Management in Times of Uncertainty

Executive President of the Board of East Office of Finnish Industries and Prime Minister of Finland (1991-1995) Esko Aho held a closed master class session at the Academy. The session was entitled Management in Times of Uncertainty.

Esko Aho has a unique and vivid personality. Namely, he became a prime minister of Finland at the age of 36 and significantly promoted Finnish diplomacy. Moreover, he regarded Russia as an important strategic partner. Currently he is performing his duties as a senior lecturer in Harvard University. The major part of the session was dedicated to the Concept-Context theory. The expert used to be a vice-president of Nokia and now he acts as an advisory partner of the company. He told about the way Nokia had managed to multiply its profits and become a global telecommunication facilities manufacturer with a limited resource base.

The lecturer explained essentials of how to use management potential and efficiently allocate financial flows of the company in times of uncertainty. He gave several examples of successful experience of some of Finnish businessmen and entrepreneurs. He put an emphasis on the significance of the ability to hear and listen to your business partner, rival and your worker. According to Mr. Aho a lot of business problems would be easily avoided if businessmen and statesmen spoke common language and understood each other completely. He added that this necessary skill could be fostered with proper business education as well.

The session was held in English and stirred great interest: after the speech students asked questions and shared their views on topical issues in both Russia and the world.

The session was organized by the International English-taught Master`s Program, RANEPA as a part of the series of lectures by professors of the world best universities for students of international MBA and EMBA Programs RANEPA (Kingston University London), International Master`s Program of the Faculty of International Programs of the School of Public Policy RANEPA.



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