Professor David Caruso: about Emotional Intelligence

18 November2015
Professor David Caruso: about Emotional Intelligence

David Caruso, professor of Yale University and one of the founders of the Emotional Intelligence concept visited RANEPA. The expert told RANEPA students about the emotional intelligence theory and about emotions` influence on human professional activity.

Giving his salutations to the audience David Caruso pointed out: “It is my privilege to stay here”. He was conferred with the status of honorary professor of IBS RANEPA. At the beginning of the master-class the expert underlined that emotions are analyzed all over the world but the subject of research is interpreted in different ways. “Basically, we are told to predicate everything on logic and not to follow our emotions but it is not always true” – said the expert.

The professor explained in detail the meaning of emotions, when it is better to alter them and when it is necessary to focus on your feelings. According to David Caruso, emotions are indispensable source of information for a human being. Only through perceiving their reason is it possible to make a right and deliberate decision. Irreproachable observation of working instructions does not necessarily guarantee positive outcome. “People with a high order of emotional intelligence are needed in any organization” – said David Caruso.

It is acknowledged that a high IQ level is of great importance for the workers of any company. However, people have to understand how to put their professional skills and emotions into practice.” Employees with a high order of EI demonstrate higher efficiency – they contribute more and constitute comfortable working environment around them” – pointed out the speaker.

A right decision must be predicated on both logic and feelings. At the same time it is important to understand reasons for these feelings: not only is it about how you feel but it is also about why you feel it. “Emotional intelligence can help you to become a prominent manager, friend and just a good guy” – concluded Mr. Caruso.

The master-class was arranged by the Institute of Business Studies RANEPA in cooperation with international center “Creative Consulting Technologies”.


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