The Academy Day will take place on September 21

17 September2015
The Academy Day will take place on September 21

Further to the decision of the Academic Council and the order of the rector of 20 September the Academy will celebrate its own holiday – "the Academy Day".

The Academy has the richest history full of hard work, scientific discoveries, achievements and victories.

Next year our ancestors and predecessors – The Institute of Red Professors of the All-Union Communist Party and the Institute of Management of National Economy will also celebrate two anniversaries: 95 and 45 years since they were founded.

What is more, the President of Russia signed the decree on creation of the joint academy - RANEPA five years ago.  And, of course, there are many more other solemn dates which contribute to our history.

Our Modern Academy is a successor of such well-known administrative and scientific schools, as the Institute of Red Professors of the All-Union Communist Party, the Institute of Marxism-Leninism, the Academy of Social Sciences, the Russian Academy of Management, the Russian Academy of Public Administration, the Institute of Management of National Economy, the Academy of National Economy.

In olden times all of them were a forge of administrative staff for our country and the largest training and scientific centers, and all problems related to staff preparation for economy and public administration were successfully resolved.

Today the joint Academy is the largest higher education institution in Russia and Europe, the national school of public administration, the largest international-level business school and a strategic scientific consultant of our authorities.

To show this unbreakable connections and traditions of the past and present achievements, relevance and importance of the existing tasks the Academy Day has been created.  

This year all the events on the Moscow campus and in other Academy branches dedicated to the holiday will take place on Monday, September 21.

They will include a videoconference between the rector of the Academy Vladimir Mau and the heads of RANEPA branches, a media briefing in the Interfax news agency, and also an open lecture delivered by the rector of the Academy.

Additionally, the First Step exhibition will be arranged for the first-year students of the Academy. On this very day from 13.00 till 16.00 all clubs, workshops and creative teams of the Academy will represent themselves and invite first-year students to participate.

Also on September 21 the Day of student self-governance will take place. Its main objective is to help first-year students  get adjusted to a new academic setting.

Everyone is invited to attend the Academy Day on September 21!



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