Проблемы идентичности постсоветской России

Буянов Валерий Степанович
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Collapse of the Socialist system has aggravated the problem and led to the situation when the Russian identity turns from non-completed into indefinite. There are grounds to assert this. First, the collapsed old has not been replaced with the conceptually formulated goals of the future. Over 20 years we are living in the "new" country, but we still do not know which way we go and what we are building. Second, the wild capitalization" of Russia and the negative consequences of it undermine the Russian genome that had been weakened as it was due to the major calamities of the 20th century. Third, the outside world, too, has no clear understanding what today's Russia is how it is to be perceived. Today, the Russian Federations is perceived either as a "transitive" country, or as a quite weakened power with the imperial instincts remained, or as a state going on by the way of self-destruction. The Russian identity is inconceivable without the statist foundation. The centuries-old idea of the mighty Russian power has become the integral part of the people’s culture. People did not identify the power with the state; they might not love the power or even to overthrow it, but they had never been indifferent towards the state, both when it was powerful and when SUMMARYВЕСТНИК АНАЛИТИКИ №1, 2012 155 it “became hurtful to think of the State”. Defeat in the cold war, collapse of the USSR and bringing the country down from the superpower pedestal to the level of a regional state — all these has caused the psychological breakdown in the considerable part of the Russian society. The mass of the people suffer the complex feeling of bitterness, misunderstanding, confusion, and, besides, grudge to the rest of the world, that is in our nation’s nature after major historical defeats. Disputes on Russia’s future will go on and on for a long time, and the post-imperial nostalgia will not disappear soon. Will Russia succeed in overcoming its current unhealthy state and become the great power again — it is for the future to show. To break through the period of decline and move forward many conditions are needed. But one is obligatory: it is needed to have the program for the future. Not numerous "strategies", but the historical project in proper sense of the term. Both the Imperial Russia and the Soviet Russia, the true great powers, had such programs. It is difficult to tell the same of the present time, for no perspective, nor the very ideal upon which the Russian identity rests are seen yet.



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