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Founded in 1990 by the Academy of National Economy, Delo Publishing House is one of the most important contemporary academic publishers of its kind. In 2011, the Russian Academy of Public Administration became part of this enterprise. Delo’s hallmark publications include such essential works as the 15-volume collection of essays of Yegor Gaidar; the six-volume Collected Works of Vladimir Mau; Vladimir Nosko’s textbook Econometrics; Samuel Bowles’ textbook Microeconomics; and Naim Yasno’s seminal Lest We Forget: Soviet Economists of the 1920s.

Delo is a member of the Russian Association of Publishers and the Booksellers Association of Independent States. Over the years, it has produced joint projects with a number of international publishers including McGraw-Hill, Prentice Hall, Harper & Row, Harper Collins, Addison-Wesley, IRWIN, Jossey-Bass Publishers, and Nicholas Brealey Publishing. Many of its publications have been translated into English with support from the US Embassy in Moscow.

The publishing house has also partnered with the Institute for Southeast Asian Studies (ISEAS) in Singapore; the publishing, research, and education community Pasev; and the American Bar Association.

Its publications are the recipients of various awards and certificates from the Russian Ministry of Press, the Publishers Association of Russia, and others. Delo specializes in creating and publishing literature on business, economics, and jurisprudence. Additional areas of focus for the publishing house include economics, management, marketing, banking, finance, investment, accounting, trade, international business, entrepreneurship, small business, law, and legislative studies.



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