Presidential Program


Presidential Program for Training Management Personnel

The Presidential Program for Training Management Personnel for the National Economy is a state advanced training and professional development program for executives, implemented in Russia since 1998. The main goal is to provide Russian economic entities with highly qualified executives and industry managers, who would meet modern requirements, would be able to work effectively in a market economy, and would be familiar with the management culture and experience from leading foreign economies.

The Presidential Program is implemented in the Russian Federation in accordance with the Executive Order of the President of the Russian Federation of July 23, 1997 No. 774 “On the Training of Management Personnel for the National Economy of the Russian Federation” and the State Plan for the preparation of management personnel for entities of the national economy of the Russian Federation in 2007/08 - 2017/18 academic years (hereinafter – the State Plan), approved by Government Resolution No. 177 of March 24, 2007.

RANEPA has been accredited to deliver the Program since it was launched and holds a leading position by the quality of advanced professional training among other accredited Russian universities. Every year, around 400 middle managers and senior executives of firms and companies in all sectors of the national economy, including municipal leaders, complete professional development training under the Presidential Program. Geographically, the participants come from all regions of the Russian Federation.

The Presidential Program is aimed at improving the quality of work of senior executive staff in accordance with leading international standards. Graduates of the program are included in a specialized federal database subsequently used to compile a reserve of managerial personnel.

Benefits for participants in the Presidential Program

The participants :

  • Take a unique training course for management professionals;
  • Do internships at leading companies in Russia and abroad;
  • Join the managerial elite of the Russian economy;
  • Improve their foreign language skills;
  • Improve their managerial competencies;
  • Participants and graduates of the Program have the opportunity to attend various events, meetings, seminars aimed at the development of managerial competencies, contribute to in the development of entrepreneurship, the expansion of interregional and international relations, etc.

Program stages:

1. Competitive admission.

2. Training program at RANEPA.

3. Internship in leading Russian or foreign companies. After completion of the training, program participants are given the opportunity to do an internship at relevant foreign enterprises. Foreign internships are available in Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Finland, France, and Japan.

4. Implementation of an individual project.


  • 34% of the tuition is covered by the participant or his (her) company
  • 66% of tuition is reimbursed by the government.

Requirements for Presidential Program participants

  • Age under 40;
  • University degree;
  • Length of service at least five years overall, and at least 3 years in managerial positions;
  • Applicants should present, on a competitive basis, the concept of the project they plan to develop during their studies;
  • Applicants must speak a foreign language

Implementation of the Program at RANEPA branches

Since 2014, RANEPA regional branches have been actively involved in the implementation of the Program. They deliver both basic and project-oriented training, as well as the 120-hour City Manager advanced training program for municipal officials.

Branches of the Academy involved in the implementation of the Presidential program:

  • North-West Institute of Management
  • Stolypin Volga Region Institute of Administration
  • South-Russian Institute of Management
  • Nizhny Novgorod Institute of Management
  • Bryansk branch
  • Ivanovo branch
  • Izhevsk branch
  • Kirov branch
  • Krasnogorsk branch
  • Lipetsk branch
  • Orenburg branch
  • Perm branch
  • Cheboksary branch
  • Chelyabinskbranch

Admission Commissions

Enrolment for the programs is carried out by regional commissions at the participant’s place of registration.

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