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Who we are

Our Recognised Teaching Centre is a part of the largest educational institution in Russia - The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA).
Our Recognised Teaching Centre is part of a Global Network of 120 Recognised Centres in more than 60 different countries. The University of London is one of the world’s leading universities, internationally recognised for its high academic standards. Alumni and students of the University of London's online, blended and flexible learning programmes have gone on to shape our world.
Our Mission is to share and deliver University of London authentic courses and best practice beneficially for our students via the cutting-edge educational technologies celebrating advantages of blended learning integrated into practice and project work moderated by the proven experts from industry, business and science.
Our Centre offers reliable support and throughout your study at one of the best Russian educational institution and benefit from academic and recreational facilities.
  • MSc Data Science

    Managing and analysing big data has become an essential part of modern finance, retail, marketing, social science, development and research, medicine and government.

    This programme has been developed to fill the existing gap between growing demand for data scientists across almost every industry and a real shortage of supply in candidates with the right skills.
    We are offering skills not simply in analysing data but in moving from data to knowledge and from knowledge to action. Our students won’t just be able to understand data but will be able to create models that can predict future.

    The academic content for the MSc Data Science programmes has been developed by the University of London with academic direction by the Department of Computing at Goldsmiths, University of London.

    MSc Data Science
    MSc Data Science
  • How you benefit

    • study in 2 world recognised Institutions of 2 countries and get 2 Diplomas simultaneously
    • earn a prestigious qualification that is valued across the globe
    • address skills required by data scientists to drive improvements in organisational performance
    • have the opportunity to create your own data analysis projects guided by experts from Russian, UK and international companies
    • use advantage of blended learning as an opportunity to practice remote working and interacting with virtual communities as typical style of data scientists’ working

    For more information see

    How you benefit
    How you benefit
  • Specialist Pathways

    You can choose to study pure data science or one of our specialisms – Data Science and Artificial Intelligence or Data Science and Financial Technology.

    • MSc Data Science. These skills will lead to a variety of careers with employers from technology firms, the biomedical research sector, the charitable and voluntary sector, and public research sector.
    • MSc Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. Embark on a variety of careers with employers from leading technology firms, robotics, military, academia, and public research sector.
    • MSc Data Science and Financial Technology. For a variety of careers with employers from the financial sector, including financial planning, insurance, marketing, and investment banking.
    Specialist Pathways
    Specialist Pathways
  • Programme and Awards

    Being registered with the University of London and RANEPA at the same time successful graduates are awarded with Diploma of the University of London and corresponding Diploma of RANEPA:

    • Parallel Degree Programme: University of London MSc Data Science & RANEPA Master’s Degree (2 years)
    • Professional Development Programme: Post-Graduate Certificate from the University of London & Diploma for Professional Development from RANEPA (6-12 months)
    • You can start your study from Certificate and then proceed onto the MSc programme

    To learn more about University of London Awards download Programme Specification

    Programme and Awards
    Programme and Awards
  • Other information

    Programme Structure

    To see the University of London Programme Structure download a brochure


    Parallel Diploma Programmes: University of London fee + RANEPA Teaching Centre fee

    MSc Data Science: University of London supported student fee £6800 + Teaching Centre fee

    For more details and programmes’ fees see

    Other information
    Other information
  • Master of Laws (LLM)

    Lawyers work in many facets - in firms, in government, as business owners and influencers. To succeed in any of these today, you must effectively communicate across borders, cultures and disciplines. To create your own global brand, you must know how to rewrite the game itself. When the only constant is change, it is not enough to know the law. You must understand its why's and how's, have the wisdom to apply and to create it, and the emotional intelligence to lead others. This is how you win.

    Our programme is a new educational model for the 21st Century – a conversation between three legal systems, cultures and markets. We focus on discussion over memorization, on a multidisciplinary approach, and on practical options to complement your classroom experience. We take learning back to the basics and challenge you to grow into your best self – to re-discover the core of what it means to be a lawyer, a professional, a citizen, a human being.

    Master of Laws (LLM)
    Master of Laws (LLM)
  • How You Benefit

    • Two diplomas from leading global universities
    • Foundational and cutting edge legal knowledge
    • An international experience and an expanded world view
    • Increased competitiveness in the job market
    • Access to new job markets
    • Essential practical kills
    • Access to the University of London’s exclusive, international alumni network
    How You Benefit
    How You Benefit
  • Programmes & Awards

    • A Parallel Degree programme (a full University of London LLM & a RANEPA Master’s degree in International Law).
    • A Post-Graduate Certificate from the University of London & a matching Certificate from RANEPA.
    • A Post-Graduate Diploma from the University of London & a matching Diploma from RANEPA.

    You may choose any of these options, and complete your courses with us. You may also begin with a Certificate, or with a Diploma, and later continue on to complete your full LLM degree.

    Programmes & Awards
    Programmes & Awards
  • RANEPA’s Support

    Foundational courses covering the Anglo-Saxon legal system, legal English, legal writing, other legal skills, Cultural and Emotional intelligence

    • Workshops, special lectures, conferences, and company visits
    • Study abroad opportunities
    • Internship opportunities
    • Assistance in job search and job placement
    • Alumni support
    • Cultural-enrichment programmes in Russia
    • Personal attention and guidance through-out your two years with us
    RANEPA’s Support
    RANEPA’s Support
  • Programme Structure

    We offer 3 specialisations – International Dispute Resolution, International Business Law & European Law. Each specialisation includes unique courses, each course consists of four modules. Each module is followed by an examination conducted autonomously and anonymously by the University of London.

    To complete your Certificate, you need five modules.
    To complete your Diploma, you need ten modules.
    To complete your LLM, you need sixteen modules.
    To obtain RANEPA Master’s degree, you need sixteen modules, plus several foundational Political Science courses (as required by our legislation) and a thesis.

    A full LLM degree should be completed in two years’ time.

    Programme Structure
    Programme Structure
  • A Special Note to Our Prospective Russian Students

    We are excited to welcome students from all around the world and have designed the programme with a diverse class in mind. However, we also have an invitation especially for you: Moscow to you might seem like a grand adventure, or like your own well-worn backyard, depending on where in Russia ‘home’ is for you. It may also seem an unusual location to earn your London degree. Moscow is a portal, though – a unique place between East and West, between political epochs, legal systems and cultures. There is nothing like her on the globe. To reflect this, we have crafted a programme that will allow you to meet her afresh, to understand her global context.

    Teachers who know and love both Russia and her Western allies will be your guides. This is your opportunity to immerse yourself in the traditional international experience, to explore International Law and the Anglo-Saxon culture that shaped it.

    A Special Note to Our Prospective Russian Students
    A Special Note to Our Prospective Russian Students
  • Other information

    The full two years degree costs:

    £9345 - University of London fee + RANEPA

    For additional fees from the University of London and the exam centers, please see

    Entry Requirements

    In addition to the University of London’s requirements, we ask you to interview with our Admissions Committee.

    Key Dates

    Please see

    Other information
    Other information
  • MSc Supply Chain Management and Global Logistics

    • MSc Supply Chain Management and Global Logistics – is the brand new programme and the first in Russia realized with outstanding academic expertise of the two world recognized institutions: University of London and RANEPA in the format of a parallel degree
    • Developed on the base of in-depth research carried out by the Cass Business School (University of London) on the skills required by companies to successfully lead and manage supply chains, this programme aims to provide a 360-degree perspective.
    • You will be immersed in the latest technologies and innovations within the supply chain and global logistics industry, including artificial intelligence, block chain technology, big data analytics and automation. You will also explore live issues such as risk mitigation, sustainability and ethics.
    MSc Supply Chain Management and Global Logistics
    MSc Supply Chain Management and Global Logistics
  • How You Benefit

    Ready-for jobs skills
    Your strategic thinking and analytical skills will be advanced by your studies, as you learn to apply the theoretical approaches to logistics within the realities of the fast-paced and dynamic landscape of global supply chains
    Truly international environment
    You will also have the opportunity to collaborate and network with fellow peers from across the world who will also be developing their expertise in international trade and business
    Professional accreditations
    Your improved understanding of the sector will be enhanced by the programme, which is accredited by leading professional bodies such as the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) and the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS)

    How You Benefit
    How You Benefit
  • Learning Routes and Awards

    Flexible learning options supported by RANEPA allow you to select the programme pathway that suits your needs and interests. You can obtain an MSc, Postgraduate Diploma or Postgraduate Certificate with the corresponding RANEPA awards:

    • MSc Supply Chain Management and Global Logistics University of London + Master Diploma of RANEPA
    • Postgraduate Certificate (PGCert) University of London + Diploma for Professional Development of RANEPA

    For students: MSc – 2 years; complete 10 modules (8 core modules+2 optional ones) + Final Project

    For professionals: PGCert – 6-11 months; complete 4 modules.
    Individual programmes: 1-12 months; complete 1-12 modules

    Learning Routes and Awards
    Learning Routes and Awards
  • Fees 2019-2020

    MSc Supply Chain Management and Global Logistics University of London + RANEPA Master Diploma
    University of London Fee - £6800 + RANEPA Teaching Centre

    Postgraduate Certificates University of London + RANEPA
    Diploma of Professional Development:
    1.Strategic Supply Chain Management
    2. Supply Chain Analytics
    University of London Fee – £2600 + RANEPA Teaching Centre

    1 Module
    University of London Fee – £650 + RANEPA Teaching Centre

    Foundation Year
    RANEPA Teaching Centre Fee – 180 000 RUB

    Fees 2019-2020
    Fees 2019-2020
  • How you Study

    Getting enrolled 
    Students are registered with the University of London and the Recognised Teaching Centre according to the requirements of each institution respectively. To see the entry requirements for each programme go to Programmes.

    University of London fee (sent to University of London) and Teaching Centre fees (paid locally).

    Mode of study
    Blended learning is provided by University of London via students portal (VLE) and supported by RANEPA tutoring.
    The corresponding RANEPA’s Master programme is realised in English in the format of face-to-face learning on RANEPA campus.

    How you Study
    How you Study
  • Awards

    Awarding body
    Upon successful completion of their programme of study, students receive a University of London award. RANEPA award requests a separate examination.

    University of London Standard of awards
    There is no difference in the standard of the award obtained by students who study on campus at a member institution of the University and those who complete their studies through online, blended and flexible learning.

    Awards: Certificate/Diploma/Degree of University of London with the corresponding Diploma of RANEPA. For more details go to Programmes.

  • How you Study

    Member Institutions of University of London
    The highly-ranked reputation of University of London is based on the outstanding teaching and research of its 17 world-class member institutions and nine specialist institutes: London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), Queen Mary University of London, SOAS, UCL, City, Goldsmiths, Birbeck, King’s College London, and others.

    Academic direction
    For all of the programmes offered through the University of London by online, blended and flexible learning is provided by member institutions of the University. It ensures that University of London awards are maintained at the same high academic standard as within the University’s member institutions, irrespective of mode study.

    How you Study
    How you Study
  • Exams and Graduation

    Final Examinations for University of London awards take place in a certified examination centre in Moscow and assessed in London.
    Final examinations for RANEPA degree are facilitated on campus in RANEPA and the award is given independently from University of London award.

    Graduation Ceremony in London
    When students complete a degree, they have the opportunity to attend a graduation ceremony held by University of London. These are held in London in March each year and are presided over by the University of London's Chancellor, HRH the Princess Royal.
    For graduates who are unable to travel to London, RANEPA together with the British Embassy in Russia will hold a special Graduation Ceremony in the premises of the British Embassy in Moscow.

    Exams and Graduation
    Exams and Graduation
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