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Department for International Development

The Department for International Development was established on the basis of the International Projects Center of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration for the implementation and development of international activities of the Academy, including participation in international educational projects, increasing competitiveness and strengthening the international status of the Academy as a leading scientific and educational organization focused on international quality standards.

The objective of the Department is to contribute to the mission of the RANEPA, taking into account the basic principles of its activities:

  • internationalization of the educational process;

  • integration of new technologies into the educational process and implementation of a competency building approach to the scientific and educational activities of the Academy by increasing cooperation with foreign partners and attracting the best foreign experience and practices.

The main tasks addressed by the Department for International Development:

  • increasing bilateral and multilateral educational partnerships of the Academy in cooperation with its structural units for the purpose of exporting educational services and promoting academic mobility at all levels of education, including the mobility of research and teaching staff;

  • internationalization of scientific activities through the creation of spaces for scientific, educational and innovative cooperation in the socioeconomics and humanities;

  • formation and development of international educational process of the Academy in cooperation with structural units of the Academy (development and implementation of programs in foreign languages, joint programs with foreign partners, employment of remote education, available in foreign languages, in the educational process, including studying Russian as a foreign language);  

  • implementation of a set of measures to work with foreign and Russian students and graduates in order to create a multi-lingual space, support and adaptation of foreign students studying at the Academy, as well as support for Russian students participating in academic mobility programs;

  • recruitment of foreign students and search for new export markets for scientific and educational services by various means, including involvement foreign specialists in the activities of the Academy;

  • coordination and ensuring interrelation in the work of the Academy staff responsible for international activities within structural units and branches of the Academy through information, expert and technical support;

  • evaluation, analysis and monitoring of international activities to improve their effectiveness;

  • creation and promotion of the positive image of the Academy in the international environment for the purposes of attracting foreign human resources and establishing partnerships, creation of open and transparent information space for the staff, students and applicants of the Academy;

  • internationalization of the Academy campuses and branches.

Director for International Education and Cooperation Development: Larisa Taradina

Deputy Director of the Department for International Development: Svetlana Tarasova

Deputy Director of the Department for International Development: Elena Trakhtenberg    

Department for Monitoring and Development of International Cooperation: Timur Abdullaev

Department for information support of international activities and foreign students recruitment: Anna Chernyakhovskaya

International students and staff support unit: Anastasia Bogdanyuk

Contact details:

84 Prospekt Vernadskogo, Building 9, Office 1700 (17th floor), Moscow, 119571
Tel.: +7 499 956-98-07
Opening hours: 10:00 – 19:00 (Mon-Fri)


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