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German student speaks about studying at the Presidential Academy

Jessica Grunwald, a third-year student from Bielefeld, Germany, decided to join an International Management program at RANEPA Institute of Business Studies (IBS-Moscow), a possibility provided by the partnership between IBS-Moscow and Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences (FH Bielefeld), where Jessica is an Economics student majoring in international management. The German student shared her impressions and plans in an interview with the RANEPA website.

French Professor Walid Klibi explains smart cities and supply chains to EMIT students

The French KEDGE Business School is a long-standing partner of two institutes of the RANEPA, Institute of Public Administration and Civil Service (IPACS) and Institute of Economics, Mathematics and Information Technology (EMIT). Supply chain management expert and KEDGE professor Walid Klibi gave an exclusive interview to the Academy website about his research collaboration and the new reality for students.

Seven Tips for Living in Moscow from a Spanish RANEPA Student

One year after the COVID-19 pandemic forced the Academy to switch to distance learning, international students are returning to the classrooms at RANEPA. Javier Royo Trallero, a third-year student at the RANEPA Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences (FESS), has spent the last 18 months in Moscow. He continues his education in business and administration that he started back in Spain. Today, Javier Royo Trallero shares useful tips for foreigners who are just starting their studies at the Presidential Academy and getting settled in Moscow.

Vladimir Mau told about five scenarios for recovery growth and the new role of the government in the economy

Rector of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration Vladimir Mau took part in the opening of the XXII April International Academic Conference on Economic and Social Development, which takes place in the National Research University — Higher School of Economics from April 13 to April 30, 2021. The first event of the conference was the round table "Macroeconomic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and prospects of economic recovery". The event was moderated by Alexander Shokhin, President of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs and President of the National Research University — Higher School of Economics.

French professor Catherine Sofer: We need to achieve a high level of general education, not highly specialized training

From April 6 to 9, undergraduate students from the Economics Department at RANEPA Institute of Economics, Mathematics and Information Technology (EMIT) attended a series of lectures on Household Economics by Catherine Sofer, Professor at the Pantheon-Sorbonne University (Paris-1), author of many publications and books on household management, gender issues, gender wage gap and other relevant problems. Catherine Sofer has been cooperating with Russian universities for a long time; she participates in joint research projects and delivers lectures. The French professor has been teaching at RANEPA for seven year. She shared with the RANEPA portal what topics she includes in her lectures for Russian students and what she is working on now.

Dr. Mitali Mittra, lecturer at the ISS RANEPA: “Is my COVID-19 quarantine diary a challenge or a reflection of the new lifestyle?”

How can you successfully fit into the post-COVID world? What can you do to adapt to instability and feel confident with it? And why Project Management is the very mechanism that will allow you to effectively implement the set tasks, and moreover, to develop a reasonable attitude to work and life? Director of the English-language Master’s Degree program “International Project Management” of the Faculty of International MBA Programs of the ISS Kingston / RANEPA Dr. Mitali Mittra started keeping her “pandemic” diary last spring, in which she shared her fears, reflections and ideas with herself. The doctor told the readers of the RANEPA website about what has come out of it.  

RANEPA experts on international education in the pandemic times

RANEPA experts have written the article "No room for error: how international education is changing along with students" for the new issue of Education Export Magazine. The authors of the articles are Larisa Taradina, Director for International Education and Cooperation Development, Anastasia Aipova, Andrey Ivashkevich, and Anastasia Shlentova, RANEPA Department for International Development managers. Education Export Magazine is a respected professional periodical which tells about current events in the field of international education.

RANEPA student from Serbia takes part in MAPS international youth forum

An international youth forum is taking place in the Maldives from March 12 to 16, organized by one of the largest student organizations in Southeast Asia, MAPS (Mentor Amiable Professional Society). Established in 2012, MAPS plays an important role in youth capacity building and development. A student from Serbia, a sophomore at the Law Department of RANEPA Institute of Public Administration and Civil Service (IPACS), Natalija Radivojevic, is taking part in the meeting.

Vladimir Mau: “Russian Economy to Overcome Crisis by End of Year”

What is going to happen to the Russian and global economy in 2021? Why is borrowing better than spending in today’s environment? What is an “Investor of Last Resort” and why is public investment, which is normally less efficient than private investment, a lifeline in times of crisis? Vladimir Mau, Rector of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, speaks about how Russia and the world will get out of the COVID-19 crisis, in an interview to Komsomolskaya Pravda Radio.

Alexei Kudrin Tells the Gaidar Forum about “Free Knowledge” and the New Education of the 21st Centur

People in the 21st century will need new knowledge and new methods of acquiring it, says Alexei Kudrin, Chairman of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation and Dean of the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences at St. Petersburg State University, speaking at the Gaidar Forum 2021 on the topic of “Liberal Arts: an Education Model for the 21st Century”.

Should We Believe Futurologists? What One Should to be Afraid of in Future and How to Change One’s Life Discussed at Gaidar Forum

Participants in the expert discussion "From Forecast to Reality: What to Expect in a Changing World"held on the second day of Gaidar Forum discussed new competencies and ability to adapt in a complex and unpredictable time. The discussion was a follow-up to the topic "Out of the Fog with the Help of Futurologists". The speakers answered the questions futurologists now face and talked about artificial intelligence, priority development areas and new requirements of employers.

Gaidar Forum 2021 discussed the features and signs of populism

Should populism be viewed as a cynical political tactic or as a new form of democratic politics? What is the historical moment for populism to emerge, and how is it intertwined with contemporary democratic politics? Can the pandemic stop the populist wave or, on the contrary, will the economic recession strengthen their positions? The main topic of the panel discussion "A Time for Populism", held within the framework of the second day of the Gaidar Forum, was the place of this phenomenon in the present and in the future.

Gaidar Forum 2021 discussed how to build good-neighborly relations between Russia and the West

How have relations between the European Union and Russia changed during the pandemic? What strategy will the new U.S. presidential administration pursue with respect to Russia? And what would facilitate the good-neighborly contact? The main topic of the panel discussion titled "Greater Europe: Still on the Horizon?" held as part of the second day of the Gaidar Forum 2021 was the discussion of Russia's international contacts with other countries. 

RANEPA expert describes the bigger economic crisis picture, predicts scientific revolution

The current crisis is neither the first nor the last in global history. Many global crises are cyclical and mark the onset of a system restructuring or a scientific revolution. Professor Mamikon Ayrapetyan, director of the Russian-Italian Center at RANEPA, shares his vision of the current crisis, how it will affect Russia’s further development and what we can do about it.


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