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In accordance with article 27 cl. 5 of the Federal Law No.114-ФЗ "On the procedure for exit from the Russian Federation and entry into the Russian Federation", the medical insurance policy is mandatory for a foreign citizen to enter the Russian Federation. In most cases the presence of a health insurance is a prerequisite for being granted a Russian visa. The policy must cover the whole period of stay on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Voluntary health insurance policy entitles the bearer to get medical care in healthcare institutions of the Russian Federation under the terms of the contract and amount insured.

Insurance company selection is made by a foreign citizen individually.

In order to receive medical care for a foreign citizen at the RANEPA medical center, they shall purchase a voluntary health insurance policy fully compliant with the requirements regulated by the Provision on the visa assistance, migration registration, and healthcare maintenance for foreign citizens in RANEPA.


To be enrolled at the RANEPA, foreign students shall present medical examination certificates to the Dean’s office of a department they receive training. They include:

  1. Initial medical examination certificate upon entering RANEPA. Students may undergo a free medical checkup in the RANEPA Medical center in the first two days upon arrival;
  2. A 030/у form certificate (students under 18 y.o.) or 086/у form. The examination can be completed in the RANEPA Medical Centre with the voluntary medical insurance at hand issued by an insurance company that has signed an agreement with RANEPA, or else, on a paid basis. The certificate permits to engage in athletics and is an official admission to PE classes with the definition of a health group.

Requirements for the voluntary medical insurance (VMI) policy for foreign students specified by RANEPA include:

  1. Outpatient care;
  2. Emergency dental care;
  3. Emergency care;
  4. In-patient care (emergency admission);
  5. Insurance for partial incapacitation due to an accident;
  6. Death of the insured caused by an accident;
  7. Medical transport and repatriation;
  8. Repatriation. (in full compliance with the VHI insurance policy defined in the supplement to the regulation of residence ...)

An insurance event is recognized when an insured person appeals for medical, diagnostic, and rehabilitation services (when indicated) to healthcare institutions during the term of the Insurance Agreement of those enumerated in the Agreement.

Insurance cases include:

  • onset of an acute disease;
  • exacerbation of chronic conditions;
  • injuries and poisonings due to an accident.

Types and amounts of medical care within

1. out-patient assistance provided by RANEPA center:

1.1.1 primary and repeated doctors’ appointments including GP, surgeon, eye specialist, obstetrician-gynecologist, ENT specialist, trauma orthopedist (except for Candidates of Medical Science, Doctors of Medical Science) in case of health complaints. The following specialists hold consultations strictly upon GP’s referral and under verified healthcare standards: cardiologist, neurologist, endocrinologist, dermatologist/venereologist, gastroenterologist, urologist and physio.

1.1.2. preparation and issuance of required medical documentation (medical sick leave certificates, outpatient medical record abstracts, medical certificates, except for references submitted to the State Inspectorate For Traffic Security, swimming pool certificates, college entry certificate, and certificates for leaving abroad, bearing of weapon, and sanatorium-resort cars).

1.1.3 General manipulations and procedures prescribed by a healthcare professional of the RANEPA center (injections, blood sampling, etc.).

1.1.4 laboratory diagnosis prescribed by a healthcare professional of the RANEPA center; blood and urine biochemical and common tests.

1.1.5. functional diagnostics by medical prescription of a healthcare professional of the RANEPA center: ECG, EchoCG (once for the period of insurance coverage).

1.1.6. X-ray diagnosis by medical prescription of a healthcare professional of the RANEPA center: Fluorography, chest x-ray in acute infectious diseases and bone injuries.

1.1.7 US examination by medical prescription of a healthcare professional of the RANEPA center of the abdomen, kidneys and pelvic organs.

1.1.8 endoscopic examinations prescribed by a healthcare professional of the RANEPA center: esophagogastroduodenoscopy once during the period of insurance coverage.

1.1.9 treatment procedures prescribed by a healthcare professional of the RANEPA center; physiotherapy (electric, photo and heat therapies, magnetic and laser therapy) - as much as 10 procedures during the period of insurance; classic therapeutic massage to 10 sessions during the period of insurance; group exercise therapy up to 10 sessions during the period of insurance.

1.1.10 preventive medical examination (dorm check-in; preventive fluorography; tests: CBC (ESR, HB, WBCs), blood glucose, urinalysis, hepatitis C and B, HIV, RW; ECG; examination and GP opinion) once during the period of policy validity.

2. Emergency dental care (in acute pain).

2.2.1 doctors’ appointments and consultations including GPs and dental surgeons,

2.2.2 local anesthesia (infiltration, topical, conduction).

2.2.3 filling cavities with chemical cure fillings of domestic and foreign manufacture.

2.2.4 filling removal for medical purposes.

2.2.5 tooth crown restoration if the decay is not more than 50% (without cores).

2.2.6 tooth extraction.


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