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Transport in Moscow


Moscow has a comprehensive system of public transport including the famous Moscow Metro, an extensive network of ground public transport (buses, trolleybuses and trams), and private taxi. A bike-share system is available from mid-spring to mid-autumn. All detailed information can be found here and on Moscow Mayor official website. For travels along Russia, you may use Railway or Air transport.

Moscow Metro

The Moscow Metro is the city’s largest transit system, used daily by up to 10 mln passengers. Over 10,000 trains operate daily on the Metro’s 12 lines with a total route length of 333.3 km and 200 stations. The Moscow Metro is a landmark worth visiting. Each station within the Circle Line and some stations beyond it feature historical, museum-like designs. The nearest Metro station to RANEPA is Yugo-Zapadnaya (red line #1). The interactive map of the Moscow Metro in English is available here. Students can use their social (transport) card to use the metro at a lower price. Other fares and tickets are also available at metro cashiers. The metro is open from 6 AM to 1 AM. For further information (including fares), please visit.

Ground Public Transport

It includes buses, trolley buses, trams, and shuttle vans. Bus stops are marked by yellow plates marked with “A” signs, trolley stops – white plates with “T”, and tram stops – white plates with “Tp”. Shuttle vans follow the routes of buses and trolleybuses.

Ground transport operates from 5.30 AM until 1 AM. There are a few night routes.

Students can use their transport cards on all types of public transport. If needed, they can purchase tickets from drivers or in ticket offices near the stops. Uniform passes are also available for purchase in metro stations. Please, validate your ticket or card at the automatic pass control validator every time when you use public transport.

More detailed information is here.

 Aeroexpress Trains

Aeroexpress connects Moscow with three airports:

  • airport Sheremetyevo - Belorussky railway station/ metro station Belorusskaya
  • airport Domodedovo - Paveletsky railway station/ metro station Paveletskaya
  • airport Vnukovo - Kiyevsky railway station/ metro station Kievskaya

Aeroexpress is a quick and safe way to reach the airport/ Moscow city without having to deal with traffic jams. Tickets can be purchased at the stations as well as online.


Railway Transportation


Rail transport in Russia runs on one of the biggest railroad networks in the world possessing around 130,000 kilometers of common-carrier railway line. You may use it not only for travels along the territory of Russia but also for international trips.

Check the interactive map of railways.

Railway transportation in Russian Federation is managed by Russian Railways Company. All detailed information is on the official website

Suburban Trains:

The easiest and cheapest way to visit Moscow suburbs is a suburban train system or so called elektrichki. They run from 8 train stations in Moscow. As a part of the Federal Railway system the suburb trains are managed by Russian Railways Company.

All detailed information is provided on their official website.

Air Transportation

 Air transport is the fastest way to reach the destination point. There about 230 airports in Russia, three of them are in Moscow. The air transport in Russia is not managed by State and about 15 commercial aviation companies are at your service.


Moscow has a system of new, yellow taxis. They are pricey, so always ask the cost before getting in. There are many official registered taxi services.

Uber, Gett Taxi and Yandex Taxi are available in Moscow as well.


Over the past few years, a bicycle infrastructure has been created in Moscow from scratch. Bicycle racks and bicycle lanes have appeared in the city and a bike-share system was put in place. Cycling in the centre of Moscow in summer is one of the most pleasant and at the same time quickest ways of seeing the city.

More information is here


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