21 September 2021

RANEPA Rector Vladimir Mau: Our job is to help the smart become successful

Three-quarters of students reported being stressed out during the online learning period; yet, almost half of them have eventually adapted to the practice during the pandemic, according to a report written by experts from leading Russian universities and commissioned by the Ministry of Education and Science. How can a university make learning comfortable and convenient? Why does one need to specialize in two fields? Why is it not a good idea to choose a ‘promising’ profession? Rector of the Presidential Academy Vladimir Mau answers questions from Rossiyskaya Gazeta.
16 September 2021

Danish Ambassador Carsten Søndergaard meets with RANEPA students in Kamchatka

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Kingdom of Denmark to the Russian Federation Carsten Søndergaard delivered a lecture on Russia-Denmark: 500 Years Together. The speaker shared some details about the history of bilateral relations concentrating on the present-day Russian-Danish cooperation in education, the economy and culture
11 September 2021

Vladimir Mau: One of the cornerstones of the state-citizen relationship is a balance of client-centricity and leadership

RANEPA Rector Vladimir Mau spoke at a plenary session on the second day of the 4th Forum of Social Innovations in the Regions. The conference, organized by the Moscow Government and the Federation Council, the Russian parliament’s upper house, took place in Moscow on September 9-11.
08 September 2021

RANEPA business schools are leaders of the MBA.SU business schools ranking

Seven units of the Presidential Academy have been recognized on the Narodnyj Ranking of Business Schools, an annual ranking compiled by the MBA in Moscow and Russia website. IBS-Moscow, RANEPA Institute of Business Studies, is at the top of the list; the School of International Business Education, ISS RANEPA/Kingston University London is also among the leaders.
07 September 2021

EMIT RANEPA, SkillFactory launch joint online professional retraining program on Business Digitalization

The Master of Automation and Digital Transformation of Business program will prepare progressive leaders, digital transformation specialists, competent in IT, marketing and management.
07 September 2021

BRICS 2020 Moscow Summit Compliance Scores Rank High

The BRICS XIII Summit is scheduled on 9th September 2021. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the event would take place online. The Center for International Institutions Research, RANEPA, in cooperation with the BRICS Research Group of the University of Toronto, Canada, present the final report on the Moscow 2020 BRICS Summit compliance analysis.

03 September 2021

Vladimir Mau: The obvious response to the challenge of uncertainty is knowledge that never grows old

RANEPA Rector Vladimir Mau attended a discussion, The Future of Universities: Challenges and Opportunities for Intellectual Corporations in the New Age, held in Sochi on September 2 as part of the 2nd Novoye Znanie (New Knowledge) Marathon organized by the Znanie Society, a nationwide public and state educational organization. The forum is taking place from September 1-3 in six Russian cities including Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sochi, Nizhny Novgorod, Innopolis (Tatarstan) and Vladivostok.
02 September 2021

CIIR to Participate in Global Solutions Seminar

Global Solutions Initiative seminar "Nature based Solutions to the Climate Crisis" was held on 30 August 2021. CIIR RANEPA researcher Irina Popova presented a report on "Nature Based Solutions to the Climate Crisis from Russia and the BRICS"
01 September 2021

RANEPA releases Freshman's Guide for students on the Moscow campus

Freshman's Guide will make it easier to adapt to student life: it contains complete, most relevant and important information about the educational process and extracurricular activities at the Academy.
01 September 2021

Head of the German Embassy’s Culture Department speaks at ISS RANEPA

The School of Public Policy and Management, ISS RANEPA, has opened this year’s Global Governance and Leadership and European Business, Languages and Culture programs.
27 August 2021

RANEPA completes this year’s enrollment period with over 15,000 new students

The Presidential Academy has completed the 2021 admissions to full-time bachelor and specialist programs. More than 15,000 people from all regions of Russia and 36 countries have become freshmen at the Academy including its regional branch network. About 6,000 people have joined the Moscow campus, with state grants or as fee-paying students; the rest will soon begin their studies at RANEPA branches across Russia.
25 August 2021

Olympic champion Yevgenia Kanayeva about RANEPA: Happy to have been a part of it

Rhythmic gymnast Yevgenia Kanayeva, two-time Olympic champion in 2008 and 2012, winner of 17 world titles, got her Master’s degree this year from RANEPA Institute of Public Administration and Civil Service (IPACS), the Public and Municipal Administration System program. In an interview below, she shares why she chose the Presidential Academy and how she plans to use her new expertise.
19 August 2021

What is unique about the English-language program Master of Global Public Policy? Explain ISS RANEPA

The directors of the Master of Global Public Policy (MGPP) program at RANEPA Institute for Social Sciences (ISS), Mikhail Pryadilnikov, Yevgeny Roshchin and Galina Klimova, spoke about the structure and specifics of the educational track and possible career prospects, and answered questions about enrollment.
18 August 2021

How does one learn to assess risks and make effective management decisions in a crisis? Explain IPACS RANEPA

A source at RANEPA Institute of Public Administration and Civil Service (IPACS) spoke about the specifics of the Master's program in Crisis Management. - What makes this program unique? - The goal of the program is to prepare managers of various ranks for operating amid a...
17 August 2021

The Higher School of Law, IPACS RANEPA, opens series of workshops with University of London

The participants will hear about the specifics of the legal regulation of international relations as applied to doing business and how that correlates with Russian practices and the problems of Russian entrepreneurship. The workshops will start in the second half of September; participation is free.
16 August 2021

RANEPA students will start the new academic year in hybrid format

The Presidential Academy decided to use a hybrid learning format when school restarts on September 1. Most full-time undergraduate, specialist and graduate students on the Moscow campus will study remotely at least two days a week. Most lectures attended by large number of students will also be streamed online. Other activities on the curriculum will be attended in person. Remote learning technologies will also be used in part-time and distance education programs.
13 August 2021

How does one learn to manage public communications? Explain ISS RANEPA

The heads of the Public Communications Management Master's program at RANEPA Institute for Social Sciences (ISS), Galina Klimova and Asiya Bukharbayeva, answered questions about the program, talked about the study of foreign languages and career prospects for the graduates.
12 August 2021

How does one become a sought-after financial manager in the digital age? Explain GSCM RANEPA

The Bachelor's program Financial Management in Foreign Trade offered by RANEPA Graduate School of Corporate Management (GSCM) is one of the most relevant and popular in its kind. Associate Professor Svetlana Khmelnitskaya, PhD, Director of Undergraduate Programs at GSCM, and Oleg Pyastolov, PhD, Associate Professor at GSCM International Commerce Department and Lead Lecturer of the Program, talk about the program’s features and benefits, as well as career opportunities for graduates.
11 August 2021

Who would be interested in joining Investment Strategies (a Bachelor’s degree program in Economics)? Explain IFSD RANEPA

The short answer is – anyone who wants to have an exciting job, a high salary, and a role in ensuring the Russian economy’s global competitiveness. As to why graduates of RANEPA Institute of Finance and Sustainable Development (IFSD) can count on this, check out a more detailed answer in the Q&A below.
10 August 2021

How does the Presidential Academy train effective regional managers? Explain IPACS RANEPA

What are the unique features of the Regional Policy and Regional Management Bachelor's degree program (with in-depth study of foreign languages) at the International Regional Studies and Regional Management Department of IPACS RANEPA? Valentina Komleva, Program Director, explains.


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