2019 Summer Campus: A closer look at the blockchain (VIDEO)

15 July2019
2019 Summer Campus: A closer look at the blockchain (VIDEO)

On July 15, coordinator of the Madrid Polytechnic University Jesus Pedro Casillas explained to the RANEPA Summer Campus participants what the blockchain is, what properties the system has and why large companies use it.

“The blockchain is a reinterpretation of trust in business,” the lecturer from Spain began, before going on to talk about the general understanding of revolutions in various fields. For example, agriculture has once transitioned from manual labor to machinery. The next phase should be full automation of production and transition to a completely new level of technological development, he said. “Adapt or die,” the expert commented on the development of basically any business. Every time something new is created, we move forward, and business, too, needs ongoing dynamics and change.

Speaking about the concept of blockchain, Jesus Pedro Casillas admitted that it is still a developing technology, which helps make and record transactions in a secure way. According to the speaker, this system is the most unchanging and transparent. In this environment, Etherium has been recently developed – a decentralized platform for software apps developers. It greatly simplifies the business and facilitates the process of making an online deal with the buyer.

The blockchain is a whole industry. The technology is currently used in the transport system, government, healthcare, banking and business. Speaking about business, the speaker stressed that for an entrepreneur, the blockchain saves time, reduces costs, and allows for process automation. Jesus Pedro Casillas shared with the students some interesting ways to use the blockchain. For example, Wine Blockchain is being used by wine producers in Italy and Spain, facilitating the interaction between consumers and producers.

The meeting ended with some tips from Jesus Pedro Casillas, which will be useful to the participants in working with the blockchain. It is always important to be able to explain which process you are implementing; to understand why you are using the blockchain; and to be clear about what your goal is and what your company will gain from it, he said.



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