A quarter of a century of cooperation with a German university

18 December2018
A quarter of a century of cooperation with a German university

RANEPA Graduate School of Corporate Management (GSCM) has held an away seminar in Germany, European Management: Potential for Success, Motivation and Development of Personnel, timed to the 25th anniversary of GSCM’s cooperation with AFW Wirtschaftsakademie Bad Harzburg. The module was attended by RANEPA Vice-Rector Andrei Akimov, Advisor to the Rector Oleg Protsenko, directors of GSCM’s flagship programs and key staff, and students of the DBA, Executive MBA and MBA programs.

As part of the module, Margret Klimkewitz, leading business consultant at the Academy of Economics and Management (AFW), led a session, Everything is just a matter of personality: Am I like this? She explained the biostructural analysis theory, the person’s self-perception and external perception. Each participant had the opportunity to build a structogram – a tool for self- analysis of the genetically predetermined basic personality structure to identify new opportunities to maximize their potential and understand the reason for their success or failure.

Another session, coach Klaus Schott’s Motivation and Personnel Development, was devoted to building an effective personnel management system, ways of staff motivation and demotivation, and creating a self-learning organization.

The participants visited a unique principle employer and mainstay in Wolfsburg – the Volkswagen plant. At the Zeithaus (House of Time) Automotive Museum, they watched the full production cycle and appreciated the German management model in practice. They also visited the Eckold GmbH & Co.KG plant in Braunlage, a major manufacturer of cold forming equipment for sheet metal, whose management shared the secrets of successful personnel management. At the Jägermeister plant in Wolfenbüttel, head of the personnel development department Claudia Rode held a seminar on Staff Development at the Jägermeister Plant and shared the successful practice of using soft skills in company management.

The most impressive and memorable event was the ceremonial reception at the Bad Harzburg Mayor's Office on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of RANEPA GSCM’s cooperation with the AFW Academy.

The ceremony was opened by Burgomaster Ralf Abrahms, who underscored the unique experience of successful cooperation between RANEPA GSCM and the AFW. He handed over a special commemorative diploma in honor of the 25th anniversary of cooperation to GSCM Dean Sergei Kalendzhyan.

In his remarks, Dr. Kalendzhyan shared his memories of the history of cooperation, and spoke about the joint work with Professor Reinhard Höhn and Associate Professor Gisela Boehme. He cited the statistics on the results achieved: more than 60 seminars have been held, with more than 1,000 people participating in internships and seminars, more than 6,000 students earning Harzburg degrees, and 15 textbooks published, which are now used in all GSCM programs.

He also said that the program is developing a distance learning unit, and three subprograms are already working.

“This is the only case of Russian and German business schools successfully working together for 25 years! It is extremely important to continue the cooperation that benefits both parties,” said Professor Oleg Protsenko.

Sergei Kalendzhyan awarded the burgomaster a certificate of honor signed by RANEPA Rector Vladimir Mau.

The German newspaper Goslarsche Zeitung ran an article on the grand reception.



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