Alexey Spirin on the topic of RANEPA Summer Campus 2017

10 July2017
Alexey Spirin on the topic of RANEPA Summer Campus 2017

The topic of the Sixth RANEPA Summer Campus of the Presidential Academy is “Entrepreneurship: from idea to success”. Alexey Spirin, the Deputy Director of RANEPA Summer Campus told about a selection of topics, ideas and objectives of the event and the level of campus organization this year.

It is not the first year that you have been engaged in the organization of this important event, haven’t you? Please, tell us about “evolution” of RANEPA Summer Campus, any material changes, and the level of participants this year.

The level of our participants has always been high on any campus, irrespective of its agenda. We seek to ensure that every year the campus topic had its own specifics and was relevant. Presently, foreign participants of this RANEPA Summer Campus are represented by about 80 people from 32 countries. This is a weighty figure that emphasizes both the correct vector of our activities for these 6 years and the interest of the youth around the world to this event. During this time, RANEPA Summer Campus turned into a serious platform along with other student events and forums that are held in our country. However, RANEPA Summer Campus is very different, both conceptually and stylistically, as well as in the level of speakers: we invite businessmen, representatives of government authorities, top public officials of Russia and the Republic of Tatarstan on whom real strategic decisions in Russia and in the world depend. From this point of view, the platform is very well chosen: the example of Tatarstan helps to make conclusions concerning successful implementation of innovative ideas in our country. Every year RANEPA Summer Campus invites more and more foreign world-level experts with their exclusive lectures – being trendsetters in the industry who share new approaches in implementing tasks of various levels. We treat every event as a grand and unique project: it undergoes thorough planning as we go into every detail. 

Why did entrepreneurship become the topic of RANEPA Summer Campus 2017? 

We always try to select the most relevant topic. For example, last year it was conflicts: between individuals, groups, countries. And the topic, in our opinion, is extremely relevant, as the slogan of the current RANEPA Summer Campus is "From idea to success". We are facing global powerful challenges associated with obsoletion of the models that have been valid and working for a long time in economy, finance, politics, and interpersonal relationships. What the changes and the vector of our movement will be – we shall discuss these issues with our experts. Speaking of entrepreneurship, we mean not only fundamental economic and financial knowledge, though these, of course, are very important issues. Entrepreneurship is a phenomenon which has always been among us; we all, even in our dreams, are the owners of a flower shop, bakery or space systems production. At RANEPA Summer Campus we discuss ideas, projects and opportunities that are available now or will be available in future. The emergence of new occupations or, conversely, "retired occupations” that leave the market is a “must-be” driven by the advent of technologies and dynamic changes in the world. To understand our place in this reality and vector of development in the future; learn how to implement our ideas and whether they will remain relevant within the next 10-20 years – these are the main objectives of RANEPA Summer Campus, and all organization of its activities are aimed at achieving these objectives. 

What knowledge, skills and abilities will the participants of RANEPA Summer Campus 2017 obtain?

First and foremost we come to self-organization, time management, attention and concentration: the programme of RANEPA Summer Campus is rather tight as we must have time to do and make everything. Social and communicative competences are developed: i.e. the ability to work in a team to take a leading position, express your thoughts in public. The important set is self-understanding; during RANEPA Summer Campus its participants become aware what competences need development and what barriers are to be overcome. Any idea, including concepts of future projects, are related to organizational skills. Within 10 days we need to build the process in order to build a project from scratch, acting together with the team. In addition, analytic and forecasting abilities and critical thinking are developed: expert information analysis, analysis of the current situation at the project, and personal position analysis. And finally, the following skills such as overcoming linguistic and cultural barriers, leaving the comfort zone: indeed, the working language is English, students get into the language environment without going abroad. Judging from experience, it is a two-way process: foreign students are also interested in the Russian language, the result is cross-cultural communication. 

Why do individuals want to become entrepreneurs? And why is it important for the country's economy?

For an individual it means freedom, although an entrepreneur stands on many factors and, above all, the economic climate of the State. An entrepreneur risks resources every day, and should see opportunities in difficulties and problems. The word "Entrepreneur" itself says a lot in terms of etymology and the lexical meaning: it is an active man who takes important decisions every day. It is hard work; not everyone is able to do it, not every one is aware of such his/her ability. Expansion of entrepreneurship is an important task of the State. Small and medium business make the foundation of many developed economies. 

What is the most efficient educational model for an entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurship is a symbiosis of competences: personal component and acquired knowledge. You can often hear that not everyone can be an entrepreneur, a person should have a business acumen. On the other hand, entrepreneurial behavior can be learned from experts during business games and simulations, or even at work. For example, many people getting their experience in large corporations or government structures in high positions try to open their own business. Therefore, there is no universal formula for becoming an entrepreneur, our experts tell about many educational formats of business education. One of such formats is RANEPA Summer Campus of the Presidential Academy.​


The organizers of the Summer Campus of the Presidential Academy are the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, the Government of the Republic of Tatarstan, the Association of Innovative Regions of Russia, with the support of the Group of Companies ACIG.

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