Alice Gile from Latvia: I chose the Presidential Academy of all options

21 June2019
Alice Gile from Latvia: I chose the Presidential Academy of all options

Alice Gile, a third-year student at RANEPA Institute of Management and Regional Development (IMRD) from Latvia, shares her impressions from studying at the Academy.

Alice Gile has always known that she would go to college in Russia. Back home in Latvia, she took Russian at school and spoke it to her relatives, read books and regularly participated in competitions and contests in the Russian language and literature. In her last year of high school, Alice thoroughly studied the offers of Russian universities in the field of international economic relations and chose RANEPA from all the options available in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Her parents supported her decision to go to Russia. So after a difficult choice from the diversity of departments and areas of study offered at the Academy, Alice Gile got enrolled with the Institute of Management and Regional Development. Today she is completing the third year of her Bachelor’s degree program in International Relations, specializing in International Economic Relations in the Context of Globalization.

Alice likes studying, and is most interested in economics, finance and law. “I would like to acknowledge two of my professors who have really done a lot for my development, although they only taught one semester in my department – Professor Alexander Khandruyev, Head of the Finance, Money Circulation and Credit Division at DFB, and Yekaterina Alisiyevich, Head of the Department of International and Integration Law at IPNS. They are professionals in their fields as well as personalities that arouse great respect and desire to listen to them.”

Alice is highly demanding both of herself and others; she believes one needs to take their education seriously and responsibly: “Negligence leads to a loss in the graduate’s competitiveness, especially on the international employment market.” She also believes that students should not be afraid to express their opinions about the quality of education, and they should be heard. For three years, Alice Gile has been actively involved in the student council of her school, and in volunteer work. “In the IMRD student council, I was most motivated by the opportunity to change something in my school for the better,” she said, “I wanted to share my experience from another country and show what can be done differently.”

Despite certain difficulties she had in adapting to life in Moscow, Alice gradually began to feel at home here and made friends with her Russian and foreign peers. They explored the city together. “Moscow is worth trying to get everywhere – parks and museums and churches. I love taking walks in Gorky Park and VDNKH exhibition center,” she said.

Alice Gile advises foreign students, especially those interested in humanities, to study Russian history books proactively and try to understand what has happened in this country ever since the baptism of Russia. “It is near impossible to cover so much information in one semester,” she says, “but modern sources give everyone the opportunity for individual choice. There is no single approved list of books read. Even the most reliable news and analysis portals often provide biased information. There is no universal guide to understanding modern Russia.”

Alice Gile seems like she managed to understand a lot about modern Russia – she is aimed at graduating with honors and finding a job in Moscow.



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