An Academy student from Ecuador on dancing, photography, and conferences

29 July2019
An Academy student from Ecuador on dancing, photography, and conferences

Joselyn Franco, a student at the Institute of Management and Regional Development (IURR), RANEPA from Ecuador, spoke about her studies at the Presidential Academy and her hobbies, which she generously shares not only with friends but also with roommates, fellow students, and acquaintances.

Joselyn Franco came to Moscow from Ecuador. After a year of studying the Russian language, she entered the “International Relations” department in IURR, RANEPA. Today, Joslin speaks excellent Russian and studies well. She lives in a dormitory, where, together with her neighbors, she organizes national cuisine evenings to the accompaniment of the songs of the peoples of the world. She especially succeeds in singing together with students from Kazakhstan.

Being very energetic, Joselyn teaches her friends Latin-American dances and holds bachata and salsa lessons in the Academy for everyone willing to participate right in the dorm or in the street if the weather is good. She chose salsa not by chance — this dance is among the social ones, where people dance not for beauty and competition but for creating positive emotions among dancers. “I want as many of our students as possible to learn how to enjoy dancing. Through dance, I introduce them to the culture and traditions of Latin America,” she noted.

But Joselyn does not limit herself to dancing only. She participated in the organization of the first international student conference “Culture and Economics of Latin America” ​​in Spanish this May. The student was one of the initiators of this event.

In addition to studying, social activities, and dancing, Joselyn enjoys photography. At home, on holidays, she usually takes pictures of landscapes, and in Russia she likes to shoot genre scenes, some vivid moments, to reveal the character of people. She took part in the photo contest “RANEPA through the Eyes of Foreign Students. Foreign Universities through the Eyes of RANEPA Students.” The jury awarded its special prize to one of Joselyn's works, which captures her friend, a student of the Academy from Colombia Andres Alejandro. The girl managed to catch a romantic mood and show the “Russian spirit” of the picture.



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