Artur Khachuyan told where and how Big Data are used

15 July2017
Artur Khachuyan told where and how Big Data are used

Many people today are talking about Big Data, but it is not clear enough what it is and how it works. Artur Khachuyan, CEO of SocialDataHub, answered these questions to participants of the RANEPA Summer Campus. Topic of his lecture was: How to Use Big Data to Improve Marketing Strategy.

Growth of the global amount of information has resulted in the need for computer-aided data structuring that SocialDataHub specializes in. Big Data are tools and approaches to processing of structured and unstructured data to use them for specific tasks. Such tasks may vary: from search for brand audience to prevention of terrorist attacks.

Artur cited some business tasks  as an example, which are solved by SocialDataHub through big data analytics:

- Marketing research;
- Targeting;
- Search for opinion shapers;
- Reducing costs of information search;
- Increase of CTR (click-through rate).


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