Chinese professor Huang Liliang loves Russia, is proud of teaching at RANEPA

19 September2019
Chinese professor Huang Liliang loves Russia, is proud of teaching at RANEPA

Huang Liliang, a Chinese language professor at RANEPA Institute of Business Studies (IBS Moscow), talks about learning Russian and traveling around Russia, and shares his career plans.

Huang Liliang began learning Russian at the age of 12. At that time, many Soviet specialists worked in China to help revive that country’s industry and economy. Huang Liliang’s enthusiasm soon spread to his classmates: together they watched Russian films and dances, listened to songs and even tasted Russian food.

Those activities had a consequence: in 2004, he earned his second university degree, graduating with honors from the Faculty of Philosophy of Moscow State University. In February 2008, Huang Liliang earned a PhD from the Institute of the Far East of the Russian Academy of Sciences. For the past four years, he has been teaching spoken Chinese at RANEPA IBS.

“My first encounter with IBS Moscow was when I saw its students performing at the Chinese Cultural Center at a New Year event. That was when they amazed me with the high level of proficiency in my mother tongue. It was nice to see how enthusiastic they were about learning Chinese, how passionate about the Chinese culture and what success they achieved,” Huang Liliang said, adding that having received a job offer from Yekaterina Kryukova, head of the Division of Oriental Languages ​​at the IBS Department of International Relations, he was happy to accept it.

It is important for him that his work helps promote communication between the youth of Russia and China, and build sustainable business and interpersonal ties. At RANEPA, he notes a flexible approach to teaching – an approach he finds both comfortable and beneficial for the communication between his Russian students and Chinese people.

Every year, Huang Liliang prepares the best students for the Chinese Bridge Chinese Proficiency Competition, helping them practice for the Moscow round, and then the nationwide competition. This year, the Education Department at the Chinese Embassy asked him to oversee a group of students from Moscow who made it to the national stage: all five students were extremely successful. Third-year IBS student Andrei Dagayev showed excellent results; Huang Liliang was awarded a certificate of merit from the Chinese Embassy in the Russian Federation.

“It is a great joy for me to see the success of our students and graduates,” comments Huang Liliang. “My students win at city and national-level competitions; I can see that their level of Chinese is growing and their skills enjoy demand. The Chinese Embassy acknowledges the Presidential Academy’s work, which is also good news.”

He no longer feels like a stranger in Moscow. He has Russian friends of various ages, and loves and knows the Russian culture. Although he does not have much spare time, with all the preparation for the classes, Huang Liliang travels a lot around Russia: he has even visited the museum of Iakinf Bichurin, the founder of Russian sinology, in Cheboksary and the house-museum of Sergei Yesenin in Ryazan; he has visited Tula, Yasnaya Polyana, Suzdal and Sergiev Posad. In Moscow, Huang Liliang often goes to Red Square and even was there on the New Year’s Eve once.

Huang Liliang sees his future closely linked with Moscow and RANEPA. He wants to continue teaching Chinese and popularizing Chinese culture and language, and to help promote Russian-Chinese relations to an even higher level.



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