Congratulations by Vladimir Mau, RANEPA Rector, on the Academy’s Day – 2016

21 September2016
Congratulations by Vladimir Mau, RANEPA Rector, on the Academy’s Day – 2016

Dear Friends, Colleagues, first of all, I would like to congratulate each of you on the Academy’s Day!

It is a well-known fact that actually, RANEPA is not just six years old, in fact it is one of the oldest educational institutions in our country. The Academy was founded in 1921, and soon we will celebrate the centennial. Nevertheless, there are six years since the adoption of the Presidential Decree that united all of us and created a wonderful Academy, and this is very important.

These six years, on the one hand, passed quickly, and on the other hand, we managed to do a lot. But we have much more to be done. Today I would like to briefly summarize, and set out my understanding of the challenges we are to face in the foreseeable future.

What are the peculiarities and established features of the Academy, what does it look like following the results of the six years? First of all, an educational institution of unprecedented scale was established, which can manage any educational, scientific and expert tasks simultaneously throughout the country. Annually, throughout our Academy, about 200 thousand people are trained on various programs - we are the largest higher educational institution in Europe and one of the largest in the world.

Today, we have developed ourselves as an Academy, really solving four critical objectives. The Presidential Academy is a university, school of public administration, school of business, research and expertise center. Another advantage of the Academy is to provide continuing education. Following the thesis of education continuity, this year we have opened the Lyceum of the Presidential Academy, the first form 10 has been enrolled. Next year we will be able to teach ninth- and eleventh-graders. RANEPA is unique in terms of its age and professional balance. The Academy is probably one of the few educational institutions, where adults quantitatively dominate the students. Experienced professionals come to us, investing their time and money to learn from us. This is a very important criterion for the quality of an educational institution.

The main task of the Presidential Academy is applied social-and-economic humanitarian education. The Academy is a unique online resource. Our regional network consisting of 61 branches is a huge advantage enabling high quality standards throughout the country.

Currently, we are working in the global competitive environment. But the stronger the competition is, the better we become and the stronger our applicants are. We compete with classical universities, business schools and schools of public administration. And compete successfully. The Academy has got three stars of the prestigious international QS ranking; among Russian universities, only one University has more than three stars. Our graduates in Economics and in Finance are recognized the most highly paid in the country for two consecutive years now. The RANEPA Schools of Business are at the top of the rankings of business schools in Russia. The Academy is among the top universities according to the rating by the applicants of the Social Navigator Portal. We are not very active in the universal university rankings, but it is easy to explain as we are not a classical university. The Academy shall be at the forefront of the industry ratings, such as business schools, schools of public administration.

The primary function of RANEPA is to train public servants. This is what the Academy was established for. The Presidential Academy is a leader in training highly qualified personnel for state and municipal authorities. More than 45% of the country's public servants were trained and retrained on RANEPA programs. In the Academy, we accumulate all three levels of the personnel reserve: top, basic and perspective. Over the past three years, the development and revision of personnel evaluation system has been a very important work, which formed actually the basis for the formation of the personnel reserve under the patronage of the President. When it comes to the development, I wish to point out the role of the Academy in the training of public servants. Our task here is to become a separate corporate university of administration and a personnel agency for public authorities.

Vladimir Mau, Rector of RANEPA




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