Daria Ryazhskikh: “Studying at RANEPA is the basis for professional growth”

30 July2019
Daria Ryazhskikh: “Studying at RANEPA is the basis for professional growth”

Daria Ryazhskikh, RANEPA’s Bachelor from Ukraine, shared her impressions on why she likes studying at RANEPA and on application of the knowledge acquired at work.

Daria Ryazhskikh came to the Presidential Academy for the first time, when visiting one of students’ events. “When I got into Building 1, the atmosphere sent shivers through my body. Such vast space, so much light, such majestic staircases and red carpets. This impressed me so that I could not but applied for enrolment,” she told.

In 2019, the girl graduated from the Bachelor’s degree course in State and Municipal Service from the Institute of Public Administration and Civil Service (IPACS), RANEPA and straightway applied for the Master’s degree course. Daria told that during her studies there has been always something new and unconventional. Teachers held classes in various formats: lectures, seminars, case studies, business games. “I was interested in the teaching manner, and attention to students was a pleasure, that every day made me sure that this was the right choice. Due to this fact, I was just fond of my studies,” the Ukrainian girl clarified.

Daria Ryazhskikh is now successfully applying the knowledge obtained at RANEPA in practice: for already a year, she has been combining studies with work at AKIG Group engaged in construction and reconstruction. Knowledge of basics of document management, laws and government procurement system and also skills that make it possible to navigate the information array were useful at work.

Through her personal example, the girl showed how to combine studies and community involvement. Since her 1st year of studies, she took part in arrangement of various events: IPACS International Festival, RANEPA and IPACS Spartakiade, Miss RANEPA and IPACS, etc. She has been volunteer at the Gaidar Forum and International Conference “Great Science for Great Sports” and also took part in All-Russian Scientific Students Conference “Legal Support of Public and Municipal Governance in Russia”, in Business Intellectual Game “Civil Law and Its Friends” and offsite seminar training of the Active Students of the Academy. This enabled her not only to acquire useful skills, but also to find new friends.

Daria’s favorite sights in Moscow are the Red Square and Nikolskaya Street. This is the place to start walking through embankments with breath-taking views. The girl also told which museums must be visited: Pushkin Museum, the Victory Museum on Poklonnaya Gora and Garage Museum of Modern Art.

Daria Ryazhskikh believes that studies at the Presidential Academy laid a reliable foundation of her professional growth and future career that, as she believes, shall be associated exactly with public administration.



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