"Digitalization of Business and E-Commerce": enrollment in new undergraduate program at RANEPA’s Graduate School of Corporate Management Open

09 July 2021
"Digitalization of Business and E-Commerce": enrollment in new undergraduate program at RANEPA’s Graduate School of Corporate Management Open

By the beginning of the enrollment campaign for the 2021/2022 academic year, the list of undergraduate programs at the Graduate School of Corporate Management (GSCM) of RANEPA had been expanded to include the new "Digitalization of Business and E- Commerce" program. The relevant topics and content have already caused a great interest in the program on the part of high school students and applicants.

Sergey Kalendzhyan, dean of GSCM of RANEPA, Doctor of Economics, Professor, Honored Economist of the Russian Federation, says: “A GSCM undergraduate degree is a launching pad for a successful career, achievement of professional and personal goals. Our new program will give every student a chance to become a sought-after and highly paid specialist in many sectors of the economy where digital transformation of e-commerce is present: marketplaces, digital agencies, foreign trade and manufacturing companies, etc.".

Artem Shaposhnikov, scientific director of the "Digitalization of Business and E-Commerce" program, CEO of SNEGIR SOFT, PhD in Economics, a senior lecturer of the Department of International Commerce at the GSCM of RANEPA spoke about how to become a highly qualified specialist in the digital transformation of business.

— Artem Mikhailovich, who is the program intended for? 

— Digitalization and e-commerce are not just a trend, it is our current reality. As I say: "The future is in the present." Look at what happens during a pandemic: consumer behavior has changed radically in a very short period of time. We've changed our habits, revised our consumer preferences, and do not go to the stores any more. And the main question is the following: who knows how to lead these processes? Who are these new working hands and heads? Therefore, our program is for those who want to associate themselves with e-commerce and new information technologies, those who invest not only in their near future, but also in the distant future.

— What is the goal of the "Digitalization of Business and E-Commerce" program? 

— The main goal is to train highly qualified specialists in digital business transformation, e-commerce, internet marketing and web-design, who will be able to analyze big data and develop digital strategies, as well as create and maintain information systems that support e-commerce.

— How is this program different from its peers? 

— The basis of the program is a unique methodology that analyzes the best international experience of the leading digital universities: Harbin Institute and Shanghai University in China, Swiss Royal Academy of Economics and Technology, German IUBH University of Applied Sciences, University of Law Business School Online (UK) and other institutions. In addition, the program methodology is based on the practical experience of our partners, leaders of the industry.

The program combines two areas of focus:

Digital transformation: restructuring the company's business processes, adapting them to modern business conditions, a strategy for conducting a new business format.

E-commerce: new way of organizing sales, digital commerce competencies, using modern and ultra-modern ways of organizing commercial activities.

— Please tell us a few words about the academic staff and partners.

— Our program provides for employing mentors who share their practical experience, wisdom, and knowledge. We have invited top experts, who are top managers or entrepreneurs. They represent industry and, what is most important, transformation leaders: Coca-Cola, METRO Cash & Carry, Rostelecom, Magnit network, M-Video, FMLogistic operator, Russian Railways-Logistics, Fesco; Mercedes-Benz RUS, Major Cargo Service, Puch Rus, Green Ray Group, Geon. These are our partners, people with a tremendous intellectual baggage who have achieved practical success. At the same time, they are interested in teaching others, in fulfilling their social mission in such an important field as practical education.

— What is the format of the training?

— Full-time education with the use of distance learning technologies

— Artem Mikhailovich, thank you for your answers. If we were to summarize our conversation in a few sentences, what would you stress?

First of all, the program is implemented by GSCM of RANEPA — it is a name and a brand associated with quality and relevance. We have a wealth of experience in teaching modules on digital transformation and e-commerce.

The "Digitalization of Business and E-Commerce" program provides employment opportunities, since practicing academics select potential employees from among the students during the course of their studies. We have made this course as affordable as possible because our goal is to attract talented young people from all over Russia.

The details on the program, information on core disciplines is available here.


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