English, IT and management nuances. How do you learn everything at once? Explained by the FESS RANEPA

01 July 2021
English, IT and management nuances. How do you learn everything at once? Explained by the FESS RANEPA

The Presidential Academy has launched this year’s admission campaign for Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs. Today we speak about the programs in Management, implemented by the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences (FESS) of the RANEPA. Read our article to find out how to learn to become an economist, a financial expert and a lawyer all at once, how to get a paid internship in an international company while still studying and why you should study at the Presidential Academy for that.

1. How are the FESS, Bachelor’s degree programs and management connected?

It is very simple: The Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences implements Bachelor’s degree programs in Management. In the fourth year the student can specialize in Project Management, Corporate Governance and Small and Medium-Sized Business Management. But, regardless of the specialization, students study together and receive a single Bachelor of Management state diploma.

2. Why is the FESS Bachelor’s degree program different?

The main differences are:

·         employment priority: we guarantee employment or at least a one-year paid internship while you are still studying;

·         the main employers are international and major Russian companies;

·         direct participation of global companies in the faculty's educational process: we have educational courses from leading specialists of 10 corporations;

·         partnership with Cambridge University, which entitles the faculty to issue 7 Cambridge Certificates in English;

·         an educational program of high complexity, including 6 diplomas and certificates in addition to the main diploma;

·         high individual level of each FESS student.

3. Can I learn more about the specializations within the management program?

·         Project Management. Each student takes part in 2-3 business projects. The program also includes four years of English language training in partnership with the University of Cambridge, preparation for and obtaining the international certificate in project management and the Russian PM Standard certificate, as well as the Lean Six Sigma concept certificate with the obtaining of the Green Belt.

·         Corporate Governance. Field practice takes place in several different companies to form professional understanding of company management. Graduates of this program are able to combine the function of a manager with those of an economist, a financial expert and a lawyer.

·         Small and Medium-sized Business Management. It is a comprehensive program with a focus on practice that trains both managers and entrepreneurs. The theoretical basis of the program consists of 20 compulsory core courses, 6 of which are taught in English by foreign professionals. Practice is implemented through the development of business plans and investment projects: the work on projects continues for 3 years of training. The thesis is also presented as a project. There are two compulsory foreign languages with international certificates. There is also an additional training course on Microsoft certification program with obtaining the international Microsoft Professional Certificate.

4. What do these specializations have in common?

All FESS programs are conducted by Russian and foreign teachers, as well as managers of international companies with offices in Russia, such as BMW, L'Oreal, Bosch and many others.

As well as that, all programs include the development of business projects given by international companies: third and fourth year students work on them in English together with project teams of foreign universities.

All students of the faculty undergo intensive training in two foreign languages with compulsory international diplomas and certificates, on project management with an international and Russian certificate, as well as thorough training in IT.

5. Okay. And what international business projects are offered to students?

Every year, the FESS, in cooperation with foreign partner universities, develops
international projects commissioned by global companies:

·         31 business projects were developed in the academic year 2018-2019;

·         more than 40 business projects were developed in the academic year 2019-2020;

·         more than 50 business projects were developed in the academic year 2020-2021;

In the course of six months of project work, students travel to the country with which they are working together on the project. The trip is paid for by the company. 

A certificate, accepted in international companies as six months of practical experience, is given for the participation in an international business project commissioned by global and major Russian companies. 

In general, it should be noted that upon completion of training, a graduate receives seven important and necessary certificates at once! All details are available here.

6. And how will I be learning English?

Firstly, since 2016, the FESS has had the status of an Authorized Center of the University of Cambridge with the right to enroll and teach students, as well as conduct international examinations in English. This status is a worldwide recognition of the quality of education and the level of teaching staff. English language teaching at the FESS is based on the methods, materials and standards of the University of Cambridge.

Secondly, the Faculty’s own educational standard provides for the study of English for more than a thousand classroom hours, which is almost three times more than the state standard.

Thirdly, even first year students have seminars on a number of subjects taught by foreign professors in English. In addition, English is taught by both Russian teachers and native speakers from the UK and the USA. Students spend six months developing business projects commissioned by international companies in English in collaboration with European universities. The FESS even has an English Cinema Club.

As a result, the program provides the students with two international diplomas in English and a Russian translator diploma.

7. And why should I apply to the FESS?

The quality of education at the FESS is very high. This is a chamber faculty with very skillful teachers who are invited by Sberbank and the Central Bank of the Russian Federation to give classes to the employees.

The motto of the FESS is “We are hundreds of like-minded people united by the family environment and the spirit of leadership in innovative education”.

And there is one more thing. We have never admitted just anyone, who wanted to apply, there has always been a very selective enrollment. We have been trying to get to know our future students from the very beginning. It has always been important for us to understand beforehand, how comfortable the course will be for the applicant themselves, and how comfortable it will be for other students to study alongside the applicant. This is very important for learning.
There are two main selection criteria: intelligence and integrity. After the selection, the new first year student enters the FESS family, where they are welcomed and where they will find support in learning new subjects.

8. I want to enter the program. How much does the program cost?

The cost of studying at the Bachelor’s degree program at the FESS is 410 thousand rubles per year. The cost is fixed over the program duration. There is a flexible system of discounts depending on the total score of the USE.


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