French Poetry Night at RANEPA

27 December 2018
French Poetry Night at RANEPA

RANEPA Institute of Public Administration and Civil Service (IPACS) has held a French Poetry Night as part of the French Literary Salon.

The event was organized by first and third year students of the State and Municipal Administration and foreign regional studies programs under the guidance of Yekaterina Komarova, Associate professor of the department of foreign language training of civil servants. The participants recited poems by Victor Hugo, Paul Verlaine, Arthur Rambo, Paul Eluard and Jacques Prevert accompanied by classical music and video background.

Several freshmen, who visited the Literary Salon for the first time, shared their impressions.

Maria Zvonova: “When Professor Komarova begins to talk about French culture, literature, or poetry, you listen with bated breath. Thanks to this first experience, I fell in love with French poetry and look forward to the next meeting.”

Adelina Faizullina and Varvara Makhnovskaya: “The French Literary Salon sparked a lot of positive emotions due its cozy atmosphere and wonderful poems, and also due to the opportunity to act as reciters.”

27 12 2018 frSalon3

Ilya Goryunov: “I like discovering something new for myself, and a literary salon is a great opportunity for this. It was here that French opened up for me in a new way; I began to look at my classmates and friends in a different way. In a very warm and friendly atmosphere, you do not even notice how time flew by. This is exactly what I want to do on a Friday night after a difficult week at school.”

The French Literary Salon of RANEPA IPACS includes discussions of the works of great French writers and poets in the philosophical and aesthetic context of their time, reading excerpts together, discussing them, and doing stylistic interpretations analyzing the author’s intention. Students participate in discussions, share their thoughts and impressions of what they read, present and rationalize their interpretations. In addition, they independently prepare presentations about writers and poets, recite poems, act out scenes from plays, and do literary and poetic translations.


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