Global Business Representatives Discuss Corporate Social Responsibility at RANEPA

08 June 2021
Global Business Representatives Discuss Corporate Social Responsibility at RANEPA

At the Round Table, HR and corporate communications heads of Sber, Pfizer, DeLonghi, BMW, together with professors and students of the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences (FESS) of the RANEPA, discussed social actions and corporate social responsibility issues of transnational companies represented in Russia.

Speaking on behalf of corporations were Mikhail Pokrovsky, CEO DeLonghi Group, Evgenia Novopavlovskaya, HR Director Sberbank PJSC, and Sofia Kadykova, Senior HR Director, Pfizer Russia, Belarus and Poland. The faculty was represented by Dean Alexander Chichin and Prof. Katalin Diossi, PhD.

The Round Table was moderated by Evgeny Itsakov, Head of the Department of Management and Entrepreneurship of the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences.

The discussion was divided into four panels, based on the main areas of social activities of the global corporations. Evgenia Novopavlovskaya presented the first topic, “Employment and Company Culture”. Her report focused on the strategy and operating principles of the HR department of Russia’s largest company and on the selection criteria developed by Sberbank for job applicants.

Anastasia Antonova, HR Director DeLonghi, and Ekaterina Makarova, HR Business Partner, spoke about their company’s corporate values.

Mikhail Pokrovsky, CEO DeLonghi, chose corporate social responsibility as the topic of his presentation. It was a surprise for the audience to learn that DeLonghi employees themselves could choose the type of charitable activities, and that many of them were engaged in several social projects at once. Some specific examples of such charity were met a vivid emotional response from the audience.

Galina Sayapina, Head of Corporate Communications for Pfizer Eastern Europe, supported the discussion. She spoke about her biopharmaceutical corporation conducting tremendous work to present cutting-edge solutions that change patients’ lives.

Sberbank representatives Evgenia Novopavlovskaya and Yulia Leshchenko highlighted Sber’s contribution to addressing social issues in education, digital transformation, environment, etc.

The next panel focused on the importance of advancing D&I – diversity and inclusion. Sofia Kadykova spoke on the topic. In her interaction with the audience, the speaker drew attention to the most topical aspect of corporate social responsibility – the movement toward openness, change, tolerance, toward overcoming discrimination and eliminating stereotypes. Representatives of other companies actively joined the discussion and shared their plans on D&I development.

The final topic of the round table was inclusion at companies and organizations. FESS Professor Katalin Diossi opened the discussion. She convincingly illustrated her theses with the example of RANEPA and, in particular, the faculty she was working at. Other participants gave their examples of how companies created equal opportunities and equal working conditions for all social groups.


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