He chose the Presidential Academy

09 August2019
He chose the Presidential Academy

Having chosen the Academy once, Aybar Makhanov, RANEPA Bachelor and Master from Almaty, decided to connect his life with it and has never parted with his favorite higher education institution for already 8 years.

Aybar has found in the Presidential Academy not just high-quality education, but also active public life, friends from all over the world, he fulfills himself and successfully develops his professional skills. In 2011, the graduate of a Kazakh school entered the Bachelor’s degree course at the Institute of Public Administration and Civil Service (IPACS), the Presidential Academy; in 2017, he graduated from the Master’s degree course at the Institute of Management and Marketing (IMM) (now, the Institute of Management and Regional Development), and now is working at the IPACS Informational Technologies Center.

His mum (journalist) and dad (mechanical engineer), who followed news on the Russian higher education and recommended their son to enter RANEPA, helped the young man choose the education institution. The parents of Aybar Makhanov saw the prospective opportunities of studies at the Academy, and they were right. “I was impressed with the campus atmosphere and active student life. First, learning did not come easy after the Kazakh school. For example, when studying logic and mathematics, I spent a lot of time on one task, because I did not immediately catch the meaning of terms in Russian. In independent work, my friends helped me,” the young man told. By the end of his first year, Aybar has fully accustomed and already enjoyed his studies. He remembers with gratitude and appreciation his teachers who not just delivered knowledge, but also introduced to the cultural life of the capital.

Most of all he liked the following subjects: “Information Technologies in Management” (Ruslan Korchagin, Head of Department of Computer Studies and Applied Mathematics) and “Logic, Mathematics” (Natalya Svertilova, Associate Professor, the Department of Computer Studies and Applied Mathematics), he was very impressed with the classes by Professor Olga Vasilyeva (appointed the minister of education and science in 2016, the minister of education in 2018), who taught history of Russia. At the weekends, students went to theaters and on excursions, there were many discussions remembered by Aybar. Sports had a special place in his student life. The young man played for the combined futsal team of the Academy, took part in establishment of the IPACS football club (the project was supported by Aleksey Gerasimov, Deputy Director of IPACS for Extracurricular Activity). Now, Aybar is the couch of the team that was the three-time champion of the RANEPA Rector’s Football Cup.

Currently, Aybar Makhanov is working hard to increase his professional competences in the Academy and continues active community work. He is engaged in organization of the All-Russian Student Olympiad “I am a Professional” in “State and Municipal Administration”. RANEPA is the basic higher education institution in State and Municipal Administration and Management. It is one of the flagship project ANO “Russia: a Country of Opportunities”. “Our Academy is one of organizers and also an active participant of the Olympiad. Together with Ruslan Korchagin, the Deputy Director for Work with Personnel and Organizational Development, IPACS, RANEPA, we are working on the area “State and Municipal Administration”. The Olympiad offers opportunities for development of students in the best educational institutions of higher education in the country. This means acquisition of social capital at “Winter Schools” of the Olympiad, and an excellent social elevator for successful career,” Aybar added.

Aybar Makhanov considers a great stroke of luck that, at the Academy, he met and got friends from all over the world. He noted that he hoped to retain friendship with them for the whole life.



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