How do you get an Italian Bachelor’s degree and start a career in an international company? FESS RANEPA explains

28 June 2021
How do you get an Italian Bachelor’s degree and start a career in an international company? FESS RANEPA explains

The Presidential Academy has launched this year’s admission campaign for Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs. Today we will be talking about a new unique program that was launched in 2020 by the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration and the University of Pisa (Italy). It is the Management for business & economics (MBE), a dual-diploma Bachelor’s degree program taught in English. The program is implemented by the RANEPA Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences (FESS) and Dipartamento de Economia e Management (DEM). From this article, you will learn how to take part in business projects by Bosch, BMW and Unilever, how to master English and why you need to study at the Presidential Academy for this.

1. What is unique about the Management. MBE Bachelor’s degree program?

This is the first Russian-Italian dual-diploma Bachelor’s degree program that brings Italian students to have classes in Moscow, and their Russian peers to study in Pisa, Italy.

This year, like the year before, ten Russian and five Italian students will be admitted to the program.


2. What will I study in this program?

The program includes dozens of disciplines in economics and management, all taught in English. The practical part requires each student to take part in international business projects organized by global companies like Bosch, BMW, Unilever, Pepsico, L’Oreal, Coca-Cola, DeLonghi, Avon, Pfizer, as well as the Sberbank of Russia, RZD, Russian-German Foreign Trade Chamber, etc.

In general, there is a lot of practical work in this program, which follows the innovative principle of “Learning through Personal and Group Research”.

Students in this program learn English in partnership with the Cambridge Assessment Centre and receive international certificates of choice: BEC, CAE, CPE, GMAT, TOEFL or IELTS. 


3. What is interesting about the University of Pisa?

The University of Pisa is one of the most prestigious educational institutions in Italy. It consists of 20 high-level faculties and research centers in the fields of natural sciences, computer science, engineering, medicine, economics and management. In addition, the university has close links with the Pisa institutes of the National Council of Studies, with many cultural institutions of national and international importance.

The University was officially founded in 1343, but some sources claim the University of Pisa has been around since the 11th century. Among its well-known alumni are Galileo Galilei, Nobel Prize winners Enrico Fermi and Carlo Rubbia, and many more famous people such as the poet and Nobel Prize winner Giosuè Carducci, physicist Antonio Pacinotti, former President of the Italian Republic Carlo Azeglio Ciampi, former Prime Minister Giuliano Amato and many others.


4. That is interesting. And where can the graduates of the program work?

Students will acquire key knowledge and competencies related to business and management in a global environment in areas such as marketing, HR, audit, sales, and international management. They will acquire leadership and management skills, including through participation in business projects and working in project teams.

A graduate of the program will be ready to work at Russian and Italian enterprises as well as at any international companies.


5. How long will I study and where will I study?

The Russian students train as follows:

·         in the first year they study at the RANEPA;

·         in the second and third years they study at the University of Pisa in Italy together with Italian students;

·         in the 4th year they study at the RANEPA with Italian students.


6. Can you tell me more about what FESS is?

The Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences is one of the 12 institutes/faculties of the RANEPA Moscow campus.

Like all divisions of the Academy, the FESS aims to provide its students with the best conditions and unique learning opportunities, as well as to build a roadmap for their successful and prestigious employment with the best companies in Russia and the world.

We have everything needed for that. We have excellent professors: specialists of the highest qualifications, people who sincerely want to be as useful as possible in preparing their students for their careers. Then we also have our students, who are distinguished by their wits, dignity and can-do attitude.

Together we have created a friendly and comfortable environment. Students and faculty are one big happy family. In this atmosphere, we together create a new type of education based on innovative training methods, on really personalized learning, on learning through personal research, on involvement of all students in international business projects, on guaranteed employment of senior-year and graduate students in the most prestigious companies in the world.


7. I want to enter the program.  How do I do that?

The program provides for only 10 places for Russian students entering the RANEPA. Five Italians, who will start their studies at the University of Pisa, will be learning alongside them. A year later they will greet our students arriving to Pisa to study together for two years in Italy, and during the fourth year all 15 students will come to Moscow to complete their studies and get two Bachelor of Management diplomas, a Russian and a European one.

Admission to the program is based on the total score of three USE exams: English, Russian, and specialized mathematics.  


8. How much does the program cost?

In this sense, our program is also unique: it costs 450,000 rubles a year, which is extremely low for a dual-diploma program.


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