How does one become a sought-after financial manager in the digital age? Explain GSCM RANEPA

12 August 2021
How does one become a sought-after financial manager in the digital age? Explain GSCM RANEPA

The Bachelor's program Financial Management in Foreign Trade offered by RANEPA Graduate School of Corporate Management (GSCM) is one of the most relevant and popular in its kind. Associate Professor Svetlana Khmelnitskaya, PhD, Director of Undergraduate Programs at GSCM, and Oleg Pyastolov, PhD, Associate Professor at GSCM International Commerce Department and Lead Lecturer of the Program, talk about the program’s features and benefits, as well as career opportunities for graduates.

- Dr. Khmelnitskaya, what are the main features of this program?

- Financial Management in Foreign Trade is a unique joint program that involves faculty from two academies, RANEPA and Russian Foreign Trade Academy (VAVT) under the Economic Development Ministry.

Its three fundamental components, all having to do with foreign trade one way or another, are its indisputable advantage:

• Financial disciplines: students will learn how to analyze and evaluate the company’s financial environment and its compliance with Russian and international standards, assess its financial stability and efficiency of business processes;

• In-depth study of business and financial English. A number of specialized disciplines are taught in English; students also participate in linguistic internships in England and Ireland as well as exchange programs at universities in Europe and Asia. They can also benefit from practicing for their IELTS or TOEIC certification exams;

• Information and digital technology disciplines: students will learn how to quickly adapt to new formats of financial transactions and foreign economic activity that are intensively emerging during the digital transformation of business.

- Dr. Pyastolov, how long has the program been delivered and have its students shown any achievements yet?

- The school enrolled the first Financial Management in Foreign Trade students in 2019. This summer, those who have completed two years are working as interns at companies directly involved in foreign economic and financial operations, including Sberbank, Beeline and others.

Last year, our student team took 2nd place in the Your World - Your Project International Student Championship (a contest sponsored by the Russian Ministry of Science and Higher Education) with its own social and educational project, Education without Borders.

- Who might be interested in joining this program?

- The program enjoys popularity among young people interested in studying financial management, in learning the skills and tools that financial, foreign exchange and stock market players must have, including digital solutions applied in foreign trade and financial transactions, as well as those who need to work with foreign partners.

Graduates of the program will be able to pursue the following careers:

• managers of export-import operations

• managers of fiscal and monetary audit, at public authorities as well as on the corporate end

• financial and investment analysts

• specialists in international financial audit and exchange transactions

• experts in business evaluation and risk management

A number of core disciplines are taught using educational strategies based on interactive teaching and modern software; this appeals to new students and their parents. In-depth study of business and specialized English throughout all four years, as well as the opportunity to take a second foreign language in their third year also give our program a competitive advantage.

- Does GSCM offer any support for its graduates’ employment?

- We have partnerships with major Russian companies and agencies, including Gazprombank, Sberbank, Vimpelcom, Fesco, VSK Insurance (Military Insurance Company), the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Ministry of Economic Development, the Russian Export Center, EXIAR (Russian Agency for Export Credit and Investment Insurance), the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, and the World Trade Center.

RANEPA GSCM can offer the widest opportunities for starting a successful career as well as for professional development.

- What kind of degree/diploma will the school award?

- Bachelor’s degree in Trade (field of study); a supplement to your diploma will state your specialty/program – Financial Management in Foreign Trade.

- What kind of entrance tests are applicants required to take?

- Our admission requirements are similar to those in any of the undergraduate programs in Trade: your National Final School Exam (EGE) scores in Mathematics (advanced), Russian, and Foreign Language/Social Studies (either one at your choice).

More information about the program can be found here.


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