How does one become a successful producer? Explain IPACS RANEPA

01 April 2022
How does one become a successful producer? Explain IPACS RANEPA

Production and Cultural Policy is a bachelor's program at RANEPA Institute of Public Administration and Civil Service (IPACS). It trains specialists who can initiate and implement projects that are of value for society, who can take the project all the way from idea to implementation. The reporter of the Academy's website interviewed IPACS representatives about the program.

What makes this program unique?

Every student on the program is given a chance to do an internship. For example, this year, they worked on Channel One news programs, in the Russian television press service and Ostankino radio network, the Takie Dela news website, LizaAlert foundation, the Voznesensky Foundation, as well as at theaters, music production companies, and event companies – the scope is quite wide.

What exactly will I be learning?

The program is part of the Journalism track; however, in addition to broad humanities education, as journalists, the participants also develop managerial skills in producing. They will learn how to recruit and manage effective teams, calculate project economics and make estimates, build relationships with government agencies and provide information support for projects.

What kind of degree/diploma will the program award?

A bachelor's degree in journalism, major: Production and cultural policy.

Who are the professors? How is the training structured? Does the program include tuition in a foreign language?

We are truly proud to talk about our professors – we have handpicked our team. We have achieved what we believe is the most important result – students find the program interesting but also challenging.

Yulia Budinas, a well-known journalist and editor, supervises the first cohort enrolled in the program. Her professional background includes working at leading federal publications in senior positions. For the past 15 years, Yulia has been editor-in-chief and producer of the Wait for Me television show.

The second cohort supervisor is Pavel Surkov – journalist, producer, composer, director, creator of a virtual theater, and author of many books about music; he also holds a law degree.

I absolutely have to mention the young, but very talented teacher Kira Myasnikova; Anastasia Nikolayeva, an outstanding professor of Russian stylistics, whose textbook The Stylistics of Online Communication won the Rospechat competition and was recommended as the best textbook for journalism students.

Sergey Davydov who teaches Fundamentals of Journalistic Work used to be Deputy Chairman of the VGTRK state television and radio company; he also headed Moskva radio company, and co-founded Radio Rossii.

Yekaterina Zhilyakova teaches Communication Theory; she has worked for 20 years as the editor-in-chief of the Munitsipalnaya Vlast magazine, was a member of the Local Self Government Development Councils reporting to the State Duma and the Federation Council speakers.

Director, screenwriter, editor, publicist, translator, Gazeta.Ru columnist Yulia Melamed leads professional creative workshops.

What kind of career can I pursue? How much will I make?

Graduates will be able to work as journalists, PR and GR specialists. They can also serve at public authorities – at internal policy or public relations departments. They will certainly be welcome at any of the creative industries.

What do I need to do to enroll?

School-leavers are required to provide their National Final School Exam (EGE) scores in Russian and Social Studies, as well as take an additional entrance test – to test their basic knowledge of the field and understanding of today's social agenda. All additional information can be found on the Academy website and on the program page.

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