How does one build a road to success in the hospitality industry?

08 April 2022
How does one build a road to success in the hospitality industry?

What opportunities does the Hospitality multi-major program offer? Check out the article below to find out where IIM RANEPA students do their practicums and internships and what career prospects they have.

Why is Hospitality a multi-major bachelor's program?

The nature of the hospitality industry is complex and diverse, with a wide variety of services provided to guests and multiple ways to deal with professional challenges and predicaments. Companies in this industry may vary in their lines of business while still sharing a number of common features; each is unique in its own way. The industry needs specialists in services, hotel management, tourism, restaurant business and of course, competent administrators to manage the processes.

IIM RANEPA Hospitality multi-major program refers to four programs based on a unified educational standard – Restaurant Business, Hotel Management, International and National Tourism and Event Management. This gives students a unique opportunity to study all aspects of the hospitality industry, and in their second year, make a conscious choice of the career they are going to pursue.

Each student has a chance to try working in various areas, and then go deeper with the disciplines that are most relevant to the chosen field. They make a conscious choice deciding which part of ​​hospitality they prefer and what they want to do.

What career prospects do such specialists have?

They have the broadest opportunities. Due to the format of their degree program, they can build an individual development trajectory both horizontally (exploring related areas) and vertically, pursuing a narrow specialization and becoming unique and sought-after specialists in the labor market.

Students annually take two-month practicums/internships where they can do some high-level professional activities while still at school. They can actually find employment as early as in their first year. The first practicum lasts two months, which is long enough to prove one’s worth in the workplace and integrate into the team. After their practicum ends, they can continue working for the same company; many actually get promotions.

Broad expertise in the hospitality industry should ensure advantageous career opportunities for young professionals. Learning several related professions is also an advantage in the employment of our graduates.

Where do Hospitality students do their practicums and internships?

The IIM Hospitality Department is headed by Igor Bukharov, President of the Federation of Restaurateurs and Hoteliers of Russia, a leading expert in hospitality, and a professional with a capital P. This department takes practicums and internships very seriously.

Its partners are leading hospitality businesses including Lotte, Four Seasons, Marriott, Hillton Leningradskaya, Ritz-Carlton, Sheraton hotels, Coffeemania restaurant chain, Rosinter, Meat & Fish chains, etc.

IIM has an exclusive partnership with the Federation of Restaurateurs and Hoteliers, which brings together more than 3,000 HoReCa businesses in Russia. Doing two months of annual internship, students develop competencies in specific jobs under the guidance of their mentors, participate in workshops and trainings on a par with full-time employees, and become part of the team. There is a reason IIM has “A territory of practitioners” part included in its slogan.

How is the training structured?

During the first two years, all students take the same subjects regardless of their preferred major. They are introduced to the hospitality industry; they visit industry exhibitions, try working at restaurants and hotels, and attend workshops by leading hospitality experts. At the same time, they study the basics of management and doing business, statistics, marketing, psychology, information technology and everything a novice manager needs. Naturally they are expected to use the new knowledge from class in their practical work where they can immediately see the result.

After their second year, students take subjects that relate to their chosen major. Or they can make a different choice based on their experience from the past two years. During their third year, they go deeper into their chosen profession. They do another practicum where they consolidate their skills in management accounting and operations management. In their fourth year, students can go even deeper in the same field, or explore related segments of the hospitality market. In this case, in addition to a bachelor's degree, they will also be awarded advanced training certificates.

What are the benefits of taking the Hospitality course at IIM RANEPA?

  • Students can get fully immersed in this line of business during the first two years and as a result, they make a motivated choice of the field they want to specialize in.

  • A fully practice-oriented course (years one and two – annual practicum to acquire primary professional skills; years three and four – internship in management)

  • Practicums and internships at leading companies every year

  • The industry is interested in training competent young professionals with skills and competencies required by professional standards, i.e. relevant to the industry

  • The professors, mentors and supervisors are representatives of major Russian and international hospitality companies

  • Proficiency in two foreign languages (in-depth courses in the first two years)

  • Each graduate has a professional portfolio and the opportunity to prepare for a qualifying exam at the Council for Professional Qualifications

  • Students can build an individual development trajectory even after graduation

  • Opportunities to gain a second qualification during the third and fourth years, confirmed by relevant documents 

  • Students start building their careers as early as in their first year

  • Our graduates enjoy demand and quickly find employment 

What are admission requirements?

Applicants need to choose one of the programs included in the Hospitality program and send us their State Final School Exam (EGE) scores.

To join the Restaurant Business or Event Management programs, please provide your EGE results in Mathematics, Social Studies or Foreign Language (either one at your choice).

Hotel Management: Russian, Social Studies, Foreign Language or History (either one at your choice).

International and National Tourism: Russian, History, Social Studies or Foreign Language (either one at your choice). 


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