How does one learn how to manage state and municipal enterprises?

28 March 2022
How does one learn how to manage state and municipal enterprises?

Management of State Owned and Municipal Enterprises is a new type of Master’s program developed by the Department of Public Administration in the Economy, RANEPA Institute of Public Administration and Civil Service (IPACS) to integrate advanced Russian and international achievements in research and practice in interaction between the state, business and society.

What makes this program unique?

This program is for senior and middle managers in the civil service, government agencies and businesses co-owned by the state, including those working for their second university degree. We prepare the participants for careers in management of state unitary enterprises in various sectors of the national economy. They become competent in interaction between state and market entities in industry, transport, construction and other fields. The curriculum includes a wide range of disciplines, which help them develop important professional competencies in managing public sector entities.

The program is 4th on Eduniversal Best Masters Ranking in Public Administration/Management in Eastern Europe, which confirms that its methods and technologies are highly effective.

What exactly will the attendees be learning?

Our students are taught to solve complex problems in state and municipal administration, aiming for constructive inter-industry interaction; they acquire skills for effective communications, which ensures better interaction between civil society institutions. Graduates successfully apply modern methods for evaluating state organizations’ property to manage it effectively; they can develop projects to evaluate the property of non-profit organizations and public-private partnerships to increase their projects’ investment appeal; they have managerial skills in strategic planning and managing property and land.

Students attend practice-oriented classes and trainings to develop analysis and personnel management skills; they work out conflict management, self-management and leadership strategies; they learn how to apply personnel audit and labor protection tools, which can be useful in various kinds of enterprises.

What kind of degree/diploma will the program award?

A Master of State and Municipal Administration degree, field of study: Management of State and Municipal Enterprises. After graduation, participants will be able to take a postgraduate course to pursue a PhD project.

Who are the professors?

Classes are taught by public administration professionals and leading specialists from industry-related government agencies, developers of legislation on public service and administrative regulations, experts responsible for analytical support of the federal and regional executive authorities.

Where can the participants do their internships?

We offer our students internships with public authorities at various levels (the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Federal Property Management Agency, Rosreestr, etc.), state corporations and banks (Rosatom, Rostec, VEB.RF, etc.), state and municipal enterprises (Russian Railways, Russian Post, utilities, etc.). Their practicums are supervised by Doctor of Economics, Professor Alexander Bystryakov, the program research director, Head of the Department of Public Sector Economics and Finance and Deputy Director of IPACS.

What kind of career will I be able to pursue with this degree?

The program prepares graduates to work in state and municipal institutions, public sector companies, international companies, non-profit public organizations, and various analytical agencies.

Our graduates include finalists of the nationwide management competition Leaders of Russia (a project on the Russia – Land of Opportunity presidential platform), leaders and employees of companies in Russia’s energy, gas, mechanical engineering and timber processing industries, the Ministry of Economic Development, the Central Russia Federal Highway Department of the Federal Road Agency, FKU Tsentravtomagistral, Moscow Department of Investment and Industrial Policy, etc.

What are admission requirements?

To join a full-time (two-year) or a hybrid course (2 years and 5 months), applicants take a test in their major subject (using a hundred-point scale). To enroll in a fully remote course (2 years 5 months), applicants are invited for an interview.

Admission deadlines:
March 1- 30, 2022: online application
March 31, 2022: entrance test (test or interview)
Program Manager:
Alexander Bystryakov
+7 (499) 956-9060

Admissions for full-time course:
Zhanna Maryanova
+7 (499) 956-9177
Admissions for hybrid course:
Yelena Veryovkina
+7 (499) 956-9418
Admissions for remote course:
Yulia Karpenko
+7 (499) 956-0810 


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