How does one learn to manage a modern business?

18 April 2022
How does one learn to manage a modern business?

We present our next review of another unique program offered at RANEPA. Economics of Enterprises and Organizations is a program implemented by the Department of National Economics at RANEPA Institute of Economics, Mathematics and Information Technologies (EMIT).

How is this program different from others?

It is a unique practice-oriented microeconomics program aimed at training specialists for modern businesses, to operate during economic instability, in a highly competitive environment and innovative development in Russia.

What are the key competencies graduates will have?


  • economic modeling of business processes

  • analysis and planning of a business’s economics and financials

  • budgeting analysis and controlling

  • company value management


  • analytical thinking


  • Big Data

What languages ​​do your students take?

Our students can study two foreign languages. One of them is English, which is mandatory; the other one can be chosen between

  • French

  • German

  • Spanish

  • or Chinese

A student can also choose to take extra hours of English instead.

If a student wants to learn a language that is not on the list, this, too, can be arranged: they must find nine other students from the same course and contact the dean's office.

Why choose the EMIT Department of National Economics?

We use a practice-oriented approach; graduates with this degree will have amazing career opportunities; the program offers internships with leading companies and organizations, which helps reveal our students’ potential and talents. Here are a few success stories:

– one of our graduates is on the Forbes Russia 30 Under 30 Ranking (five years after graduation);

– five of our Bachelors were awarded government and state awards for participation in priority national projects;

– two teams of our students have won world business challenges over the past five years.

Our students are also given a unique and exclusive opportunity to present their projects in front of senior executives of leading Russian companies at the Gaidar Forum youth session.

What are admission requirements?

Applicants are required to provide their National Final School Exam (EGE) scores in Mathematics, Russian, and Foreign Language/ Social Studies / Computer Science and ICT (either one at your choice). Submit your EGE results with accompanying documents in accordance with the Academy’s rules for admission. Be sure to indicate that you are applying for an EMIT place because enrollment to EMIT programs is separate from the general admissions.

What kind of degree/diploma will the program award?

– Bachelor's degree in economics, field of study: Economics of Enterprises and Organizations.

If you have any questions or would like to contact the program manager, please call

+7 495 937 07 44
+7 985 342 13 13


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