How does one learn to manage public communications? Explain ISS RANEPA

13 August 2021
How does one learn to manage public communications? Explain ISS RANEPA

The heads of the Public Communications Management Master's program at RANEPA Institute for Social Sciences (ISS), Galina Klimova and Asiya Bukharbayeva, answered questions about the program, talked about the study of foreign languages and career prospects for the graduates.

- Why are communication management skills so relevant today?

- The ability to effectively build communications, to communicate is key to success in any field. One needs to manage communications both at their job and outside it. Today, one cannot neglect any aspect of communication – linguistic, ethical, or visual. The understanding of these aspects, as well as the knowledge of the political, social and economic context at different levels are things that we teach our students.

- What makes this program unique?

- Our program prepares specialists who organize and manage public and political communications for government and commercial agencies, communication agencies and the media. With the expertise and competencies our graduates have, they can pursue careers in public relations with executive and legislative authorities, as well as state, political and public organizations.

- How is the training structured?

- The program participants are allowed to build individual educational trajectories from a combination of core and elective modules. All students take the core political science and media disciplines. In addition, they independently choose courses that are of interest to them, that they need to expand their knowledge and skills in analytics or communication. The program also provides for compulsory foreign language training.

- What kind of degree/diploma will the school award?

- Master’s Degree in Advertising and Public Relations.

- What are admission requirements?

- Applicants are required to take a two-stage entrance test that gives you a maximum of 200 points. The first stage is a written test in your field of study as stated in the Federal State Educational Standard of Higher Education (max. 100 points). The second one is a foreign language test (English, max. 100 points). The minimum passing score is 80. Applicants with Bachelor’s degrees from ISS RANEPA are granted a 40% discount. Applicants with degrees from other schools and branches of the Presidential Academy are entitled to a 10% discount.

Applications are accepted until August 13, 2021. More information about admission rules and the list of required documents can be found here. Entrance tests are to be taken remotely through the Academy's distance learning system. Several dates will be available in 2021; the final date for taking the entrance test is August 19, 2021. The schedule of entrance examinations for Master's programs can be found here.


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