I feel like a bridge and a window for Sino-Russian friendship – Chinese student

19 November 2021
I feel like a bridge and a window for Sino-Russian friendship – Chinese student

A student from China spoke at an international student research and practice conference.

The 12th international student research and practice conference, Russia and the World in the 21st Century: New Global Challenges – ESG – Transformation of the Global Economy in the Context of the Covid-19 Pandemic, took place at the Presidential Academy on November 17.

The partners of the event included RANEPA Institute of Management and Regional Development (Faculty of Marketing and International Cooperation and Department of International Cooperation), Lomonosov Moscow State University, the Russian Government’s Financial University, Abylai Khan University of International Relations and World Languages (Kazakhstan), Yerevan State University (Armenia) and Riga Technical University (Latvia).

Vice-Rector, IMRD Director Dmitry Butashin, and Professor Semed Semedov, Head of the International Cooperation Department at RANEPA IMRD opened the online forum.

The participants discussed current aspects of corporate governance, social problems and the environment. The reports covered international relations in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic; foreign policy, diplomacy, international cooperation; main trends in global development; language as a factor in international relations; digital economy and digital diplomacy as megatrends of global development, and others.

Jia Yingke, a second-year master's student (IMRD Faculty of Marketing and International Cooperation, International Economic Cooperation program), prepared a report on Problems and Prospects of Trade and Economic Cooperation between Russia and China.

Jia Yingke was born in Nanjing, in the eastern Chinese province of Jiangsu bordering on Shanghai. In 2004, he completed his bachelor's degree at Xi'an International Studies University and came to work in Russia, where he took part in the construction of an automotive components plant in Kaluga.

Joining a Master’s program at RANEPA was not a random choice – the young man had a chance to hear a report by one of the Academy's professors at a business event, and that made a deep impression on him. Unfortunately, he forgot the speaker’s name, but the meeting made him decide to apply to RANEPA. It wasn't easy, but he joined a RANEPA program last year.

“We have very friendly and knowledgeable teachers. If I have any problem, they always help me. I really appreciate the interactive part of our classes, it's important. Some of our professors are as versatile as encyclopedias. I would like to thank them all so much, but I’ll just name a few people now – Olga Abramova who teaches International Economic Relations, Alexander Sukharev – Geoeconomics and Geostrategy, and Semed Semedov, my academic advisor,” Jia Yingke said.

The Chinese student says the language barrier is the biggest problem for international students, especially during their first and second years. But he immediately quotes Alexander Pushkin –

Everything is instant, everything will pass; What passes will be nice – to explain that difficulties and trials are a natural part of our lives, especially a life abroad, but they pass.

Jia Yingke appreciates his new friendship with Russian and foreign students he met at the Academy. He is active as a volunteer. He and other students have distributed masks and goggles to Moscow doctors and residents. In his spare time, Jia Yingke enjoys doing Chinese gymnastics and walking in Moscow parks.

But his main priority are his studies and research interests in trade and economic cooperation between China and Russia.

“My report at the conference was about problems and prospects of trade and economic cooperation between China and Russia. I focused on three aspects – the current situation, current problems, and future opportunities for development. My supervisor, Semed Semedov, helped me a lot, for which I am grateful. Participating in an international conference is a rewarding experience for my studies as well as for my future profession,” Jia Yingke says.

According to the student, he is good at coping with his studies and research work due to the correct attitude to life: “You have to love your homeland, your family and your life. You have to do a lot of learning. I think every person is a hero in their own way for doing their job in their place. I admire those who work for the good of the country, for the good of all humankind and for the future. My life motto is “Don't wait. Do it now.” And it is a great honor for me to be a witness and participant in the vigorous trade and economic cooperation between China and Russia. I feel like a bridge and at the same time a window for Sino-Russian friendship and I hope that over time, both sides will better understand each other and cooperate more. I also hope that even more of my Russian friends will come to Jiangsu to study and work, and Chinese students, in turn, will come to study at the Academy.”


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