IPACS RANEPA teaches psychology of political leadership and management

05 July 2021
IPACS RANEPA teaches psychology of political leadership and management

The Presidential Academy has opened enrollment for undergraduate and graduate programs. Below we are presenting the master's program, Psychology of Political Leadership and Management, offered by RANEPA Institute of Public Administration and Civil Service (IPACS). This program prepares a new generation of specialists with professional competencies in state and municipal administration, sociopolitical administration and management who are capable of working out and implementing managerial decisions using socio-psychological approaches, methods and technologies.

- What are the advantages and specifics of the Psychology of Political Leadership and Management program?

- The Master's program Psychology of Political Leadership and Management is the first program at RANEPA that combines courses in state and municipal administration with practical psychology. Leaders or administrators with competence in psychology now enjoy high demand at all levels of government. There is an additional advantage to this program – the planned cooperation with the Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis (MIP) and the opportunity of earning two degrees, in State and Municipal Administration and in Psychology.

- How is the learning process structured? What knowledge and skills does it foster?

- The program is based on a concept known as blended learning, which combines classical academic education with online courses implemented via remote participation. The training is interdisciplinary and includes the following modules: state and municipal administration development trends; psychology of political consulting; psychological service in the state and municipal government system; and psychology of political leadership.

The main formats the program uses include lectures and workshops; discussions and debates; webinars and videoconferences; case studies, business games, group facilitation; speaking at sessions during international and Russian research and practice conferences; participation in projects at the Academy and at program partners.

The participants will learn:

• How to develop and apply socio-psychological methods in professional practice

• Methods and techniques of management and political consulting

• How to apply diagnostic tools and develop one’s own leadership potential

• How to work out recommendations for developing leadership potential

• How to apply socio-political processes research methods

• Public speaking, moderation, facilitation, negotiation, and persuasive communication skills

- Who are the teachers?

The lecturers on the program include Professors and Associate Professors from IPACS RANEPA specializing in the theory, mechanisms and legal framework of state and municipal administration, social policy, economics and law, political science, social psychology, political psychology, cultural studies, sociology and management psychology. Practicing specialists in political and management consulting, gaming technologies in management, teamwork facilitation and coaching are also involved in the program. Invited professors from the Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis will also share their experience in developing and implementing psychological and management techniques in professional practice.

- What are the program’s enrollment requirements?

- Applications are filed online. The application form is available here. As an entrance test, the school requires an interview. The schedule can be found on this page

For other details, please contact Tatyana Skipetrova, Associate Professor at the Department of Organizational Design of Management Systems, IPACS RANEPA, Director of the Psychology of Political Leadership and Management program, at tv.skipetrova@igsu.ru.


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