Irina Prokhorova spoke at the RANEPA Summer Campus (MOVIE)

21 July 2018
Irina Prokhorova spoke at the RANEPA Summer Campus (MOVIE)

On the fifth day of the RANEPA Summer Campus, a meeting was held with Irina Prokhorova, editor-in-chief of the “Novoe Literaturnoe Obozrenie” magazine and the head of the publishing house of the same name.

The participants discussed changes in modern publishing business, brought by technological revolution. Irina Prokhorova told about herself and her career as a publisher, about book publishing and the Russian language.

The expert paid attention to the history of printing as one of the oldest industries. The book as a cultural object has hardly changed since the appearance of printing machines and until the 90's of the XX century. Paper, design, content were the same. But there have been numerous changes with books over time and with the emergence of new technologies. It required new skills from the publishers.

During the lecture, Irina Prokhorova discussed some topics on marketing with students: "It will be easier to sell a book for a famous author than for a person who publishes his or her book for the first time. Different genres have different ways of promotion.” The actual topics, the author’s reputation, involvement in the brand – all of these are components of successful sales. For example, several years ago it became popular to travel, which led to an increase in the number of works on this topic. Non-fiction genre, as well as books about self-development and business are becoming more popular now.

Irina Prokhorova have repeatedly stressed that a book is a fundamental invention. Paper editions will overcome various shocks, but digital analogues will never completely replace it. According to the book industry experts, about 30% of the world's literary works are ePUBs. "Real book is much more attractive – you can smell it, touch it and enjoy reading the printed version," the editor-in-chief of the “Novoe Literaturnoe Obozrenie” magazine says.

Participants of the RANEPA Summer Campus asked Irina Prokhorova questions. They were interested in changes in the language that occur constantly along with the development of the world. According to the speaker, borrowings and internationalisms do influence the development of the language, but they do not pollute or impoverish it. Modern Russian literary language has not changed significantly since 1917.

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