Is it true that sustainable development is the Esperanto of the 21st century? Explain IFSD RANEPA

09 August 2021
Is it true that sustainable development is the Esperanto of the 21st century? Explain IFSD RANEPA

What can we do to stop climate change? How can we build a modern society relying on a fair justice and effective institutions? How can we move from confrontation and mistrust to building strong global partnerships and cooperation? These are the questions any international relations professional will be asking themselves. A graduate of International Sustainable Development Programs offered by RANEPA Institute of Finance and Sustainable Development (IFSD) will have the necessary competencies to find the right answers.

- What makes this program interesting?

- International Programs for Sustainable Development is one of the three components included in the multidisciplinary Bachelor's degree in Sustainable Development at IFSD RANEPA. It is generally one of the most popular areas of study and enjoys great demand among applicants. International programs and projects in green economy, circular economy, responsible consumption, and comprehensive solution of economic, social and environmental problems – the future is almost here, and our graduates will definitely meet it fully armed.

- How is the program structured?

- This multidisciplinary Bachelor's degree is designed in such a way that students can change their learning trajectory as they go. If you cannot decide right now which career you would rather pursue – the civil service, international relations or management in the real sector of the economy – go ahead and choose a multidisciplinary Bachelor's program. All students will take advantage of broad training during the first three semesters; this should help them eventually decide on their major – Management, State and Municipal Administrations or International Relations. This way, the choice of their educational trajectory is made on the basis of their preferences and career ambitions rather than on the National Final School Exam (EGE) choices they made in high-school and presented upon admission to IFSD.

- Does IFSD RANEPA have partner companies?

- Our partners include large private companies, companies co-owned by the state, public organizations and foreign universities. One of the school’s academic leaders is the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize winner, Professor Rae Kwon Chung from South Korea.

- What kind of jobs can graduates pursue with this degree?

- Their career choices can be pretty wide given the growing role of the sustainable development trend around the world. As of the end of November 2020, HeadHunter returned approximately 3,000 job offerings to a search for “international programs.” About 500 vacancies can be found by searching for “sustainable development.” These include jobs offered by public authorities, corporations and civil society organizations. With such a wide range of opportunities, each graduate can choose a career based on their individual preferences.

More details on state scholarships, the cost of training, internship and practicum options, and the campus can be found on the RANEPA Institute of Finance and Sustainable Development website.

We also hold online presentations of multidisciplinary Bachelor's programs in State and Municipal Administration, Management, and International Relations every Thursday in August at 3 pm. You can register for the next conference here.

If you have any questions, please contact Executive Secretary of the IFSD admissions committee Anastasia Rudko.

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