Learn how to manage international business projects with Russian-French Bachelor's degree program at IBS RANEPA

21 July 2021
Learn how to manage international business projects with Russian-French Bachelor's degree program at IBS RANEPA

What are disruptive projects? How does one join a study program in France and establish contacts with leading international universities? RANEPA Institute of Business Studies (IBS-Moscow) answers these questions and presents a joint educational program with NEOMA Business School below.

- How would you describe the program Disruptive Project Management in International Business?

When we designed this program, we actually tried to reflect its major highlights in its name:

• We used Disruptive to show that we place emphasis on disruptive innovations, projects that create innovative products or solve existing problems in a new way.

• We used Project because we teach project management using cases of various complexity and content. We teach our students to apply project management methods that are available today such as PMI, agile, etc.

• We used International Business because we focus on global markets. The program has a foreign partner and offers in-depth study of foreign languages ​​and international economics.

- How is training organized?

Our students spend their first two years at IBS-Moscow, and the third and fourth, at NEOMA, in Reims, France.

The program uses a student-centered approach. We use something known as Service Design methodology, which means the course is being continuously modified based on student experience. This happens not only from year to year, but also from semester to semester, and even as they go.

The program uses UGC (User Generated Content) strategy, which implies developing an ecosystem where students choose projects as part of certain courses and modules that they would be interested in pursuing.

More than 85% of our faculty members are business practitioners working for partner companies such as Danone, Boston Consulting Group, ONEY Bank and many others. This enables our students to learn most of the subjects through hands-on projects.

- What about the learning process in France?

Our students receive temporary residence permits for the time of their stay in France, in fact becoming EU citizens for the period of study. Students from 15 partner countries of the French business school, including the USA, Canada, Brazil, China, Japan and many European countries, simultaneously come to NEOMA for exchange, which immerses them all into a multicultural environment.

The required undergraduate practicum also takes place during their stay in France. This means our students have a unique opportunity during their eighth semester to work and gain practical experience in European companies.

- What are their career prospects?

When they graduate, the students are awarded two valid state Bachelor's degrees, one in Russia and the other in France. As a result, our graduates can choose a Master’s program in Russia or abroad, if they like. Moreover, a French degree gives our graduates the right to join a number of Master's programs from year two and earn a degree in just one year.

We are confident that studying in two countries teaches students to work in different teams, and to be true “citizens of the world.” We strive to teach them to think out of the box and be creative, to adapt to any changes in their external environment, to take responsibility for the methods and approaches they choose to solve problems.

- Is it difficult to join the program, and how challenging is it to study?

To enroll, an applicant needs to present their National Final School Exam (EGE) scores in:

•         Russian;

•         Foreign Language;

•        Mathematics (advanced).

The passing score is determined each year. According to the Academy rules, the minimum total score is 160 points.


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