Louis Pirlo: “Studying at the RANEPA is a valuable investment”

29 July2019
Louis Pirlo: “Studying at the RANEPA is a valuable investment”

Louis Pirlo, an undergraduate student at the Institute of Business Studies (IBS), RANEPA, from Belgium, shared his opinion on his studies in Russia.

Louis Pirlo is studying at the ICHEC Brussels Management School, but he is interested in international experience; therefore, in the academic year 2018/19 he entered the Exchange Master Program of IBS, RANEPA and spent the winter semester in the Moscow Academy Campus.

Five years ago, Louis already participated in exchange program of a university in one of the Baltic countries. While studying there, foreign students almost never mixed with the locals: the curriculum did not imply working together in joint groups, and after the lectures, everyone immediately diverged. The student did not really like this format. Despite this experience of foreign studies, Louis decided to come to Moscow and did not regret at all.

At the RANEPA, the Belgian received positive impressions and useful experience: “I want to emphasize that even at the preparatory stage I received great administrative and human support from the coordinator of academic mobility of the Department of International Business and Business Administration Zemfira Galimullina and the entire IBS team. Russian bureaucratic system is complicated, but Zemfira and her colleagues helped me a lot, and everything went smoothly. The dorm where I lived was very comfortable.”

The main thing that pleasantly and unexpectedly surprised a student from Brussels was the integration of foreign students of the Academy into the educational process. "We did everything together," says Louis. "We had a mixed team, and it was very nice and useful. One of our rules is that foreigners and Russian students must participate in the working group. As a result, we shared our experience and vision of the task, and the results were interesting." Thanks to the integrated approach, everyone quickly got acquainted and became friends, which, according to the Belgian, is “valuable for living in another country”.

Louis spoke about studying at IBS, noting that classes at the Academy were held in a modern manner: many presentations, polemics, and various discussions. “In the RANEPA, students are encouraged to ask questions – this is true interactive communication, which is much more than in the Belgian education system. The teachers' level is very high.” Louis Pirlo was very pleased with the course of Russian as a foreign language and advises everyone to chose Galina Filatova as a tutor, “an excellent teacher, from whom, if you try, you can learn a lot.”

The student especially liked such subjects as “Financial Management” (delivered by a practicing teacher, candidate of economic sciences, Associate Professor of IBS T.T. Vashakmadze) and “Investor Relations” (delivered by a practicing teacher I.V. Volodina). “The subjects are interesting, the teachers are super! I also want to highlight a course in Event Management, which was taught by Mrs. Galimullina. I felt that my curriculum in Belgium lacked a bit of creativity, and the Academy had the necessary balance between management and creativity,” the young man shared his impressions.

The foreigner is fascinated by Moscow, its classical architecture, the music that he has heard here, and he feels that Russian culture will remain with him for a long time. He managed to go to the north of Russia, to Murmansk, where he saw the real northern lights. After a semester in Moscow, a student fell in love with Russian cuisine. Louis studies finance, financial management. Experience and impressions from studying at the IBS of the Presidential Academy he considers a valuable investment in his future.



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