Making Money in IT for Non-Programmers RANEPA IIM explains

25 June 2021
Making Money in IT for Non-Programmers RANEPA IIM explains

The RANEPA Institute of Industry Management (IIM) opens its first enrollment in the new multidisciplinary Bachelor’s degree program “Innovation Management in Technology”. The format includes two programs, “International Technology Business” and “Financial Technology Management”. RANEPA IIM explains how they managed to combine innovations and management, and where the program graduates will be able to unlock their potential.


What makes this format unique?

Both programs included in the “Innovation Management in Technology” multidisciplinary Bachelor’s degree program are aimed at developing engineering, management and entrepreneurial competencies. One of them, “Financial Technology Management”, is implemented under 38.03.02 “Management” specialization, and the second one, “International Technology Business”, under 27.03.05 “Innovation Studies” direction.

The novelty is that students study together for the first two years and gain comprehensive knowledge in innovation studies and technology, and then receive in-depth training in their major. Therefore, up to the third year, a student may transfer to the other multidisciplinary bachelor’s degree program without taking the missing credits.

This way, the students get a deeper feel of the industry, making their career choices based on the experience and knowledge gained in early years of study, rather than on a suitable set of USE exams.

Graduates of both programs will become unique professionals with a wide range of managerial knowledge and skills at the intersection of economics, entrepreneurship and engineering. They will be able to work as communicators, analysts and managers in a variety of IT areas; if they wish, they can become developers who know how to talk to their customers and executives in the language of business.


What exactly am I going to learn here?

“International Technology Business” program:

Bringing innovative projects to the international market.

Complete management of international organizations.

Building interactions in the field of international cooperation.

Promoting the interests of the Russian industrial business in the global markets.

“Financial Technology Management” program:

Using digital financial tools for business development.

Organizing digital transformation for key business processes.

Working with different Big Data structures.

Establishing new organizational forms and mechanisms for commercialization of GlobalFinTech developments.

Designing new platform solutions, programming and identifying vulnerabilities.

Creating and developing your own business projects based on the advanced financial technologies.

What will be the title of my diploma?

The diploma shows the field of study and the program name. Therefore, it would say “38.03.02 Management, Financial Technology Management program” or “27.03.05 Innovation, International Technology Business program”.

Who are the teachers? How is training organized? Are there any disciplines taught in a foreign language?

The program will be taught by leading experts in international management, digital engineering and information technology, corporate governance, marketing and project management. Program partners include SberTech, the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI), the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, Karfidov Lab and other high-tech companies.

Just like with the other programs at the Engineering Management Faculty of RANEPA IIM, first-year students will practice with the “Corporation Management” training simulator. This way they will learn to make managerial decisions, experiment and achieve goals in a risk-free virtual world.

The International Technology Business program will focus on cross-cultural communication and enhanced language training. During their studies, students will gain experience in working and communicating with institutional organizations (Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, etc.) and have an opportunity to take internships in South Korea, Finland or Bulgaria. In both programs, students spend three years studying English, and can choose a second language starting from the second year of the training.


Where will I be able to work and how much will I earn?

Graduates of the Financial Technology Management program will be able to work as managers of crowd funding and crowd investing platforms, IT project managers, information security supervisors, and R&D managers. Graduates of the International Technology Business Program will be welcomed to organizations that produce advanced high-tech products and implement innovations in international technology markets. These specialists will be able to unlock their potential as international project managers, public and international relations managers, cross-cultural communication specialists, and sustainable development consultants.

Your salary will depend on the position, experience and organization, of course. For example, IT project managers in Moscow earn between 80,000 and 300,000 rubles. An experienced systems analyst would get 140,000 to 250,000 rubles. In general, all professionals working in the field of high technology have a quite high level of earnings.


How do I enroll in the Innovation Management in Technology multidisciplinary Bachelor’s degree programs?

In order to enter the “Financial Technology Management” program, you need to pass USE exams in the Russian language, mathematics (specialized), foreign language, and participate in the competition. The program provides for both contract-based and the government-financed education. The tuition fee on a contract basis is 300,000 rubles per year.

The USE exams required for enrolment in the “International Technology Business” program are the Russian language, mathematics (specialized), and Computer Science and ICT. The tuition fee on a contract basis is 300,000 rubles per year.


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