Marta Sanchez: RANEPA programs open the door to a successful career

31 October2019
Marta Sanchez: RANEPA programs open the door to a successful career

Marta Sanchez, a Spanish student who started her double degree master's program, Foreign Regional Studies and International Cooperation, at RANEPA Institute of Public Administration and Civil Service (IPACS) this year, has shared some of her impressions.

The student earlier earned her bachelor’s degree from the Pablo de Olavide University in Seville. After that she got enrolled in a master’s program at the Autonomous University of Barcelona to work on a thesis on integration in Europe. When Marta Sanchez found out she could continue her studies working for two master’s degrees at RANEPA, she decided to take this opportunity.

“Studying at a high level university such as RANEPA is a great honor. I take great pleasure in studying information policy, communications, and the media – I need effective communications skills to be a political scientist,” the young woman said.

While the program is taught in English, Marta is taking Russian as a foreign language under the guidance of Raiganat Kaliyayeva, assistant professor at the division of language training for public administration personnel, and she greatly appreciates her teacher. During her training, she has already lost some of the myths about Russia: Marta Sanchez had been sure that it was always cold here and that Russians were unfriendly, but reality proved the opposite.

She knows a popular Spanish song that says there is a language everyone can speak, and it is the language of looks. In Moscow, Marta has had numerous experiences that confirmed the catchy lines: when she feels uncomfortable, she begins searching for encouraging looks from her friends at the dorm, or her classmates. She also says she feels the support of her teachers and curators: “I am surrounded by warmth, and it is wonderful.”

Marta has made international friends in Moscow. She shares a room with a French student, and in her in class there are people from Spain, France and Russia. She has also met Chinese and Italian students. Marta and her friends are enthusiastically exploring Moscow. They like the metro, the green parks, but they do not have much time left for that: she takes her classes seriously and makes them a priority.

Marta Sanchez wants to become a diplomat and contribute to the development of interstate relations in Europe. Her double-degree program from the Autonomous University of Barcelona and RANEPA IPACS will open the door to a successful professional career, she says.



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