Master’s student from Nigeria: I like the studies and the Summer Campus (VIDEO)

19 June2019
Master’s student from Nigeria: I like the studies and the Summer Campus (VIDEO)

Khalid Aliyu, a first year MSc student at RANEPA Institute of Business Studies (IBS), explains why he chose the Presidential Academy, shares impressions of his life in Russia and reasons to attend the International Summer Campus.

The summer of 2016 changed the life of Khalid Aliyu from Nigeria. By that time, Khalid had spent three years at the Tupolev Kazan National Research Technical University working for a degree in aviation engineering. But that summer, he came to the Summer Campus annually organized by the Presidential Academy in Tatarstan, and the two weeks he spent there made the young man think about changing the vector of his professional development.

Teamwork, joint presentations, discussions, and unexpected business cases — Khalid found all that so fascinating that last year, having earned his engineering degree, he enrolled with RANEPA IBS in an MSc International Management and Digital Business: Disruptive Technologies for Strategic Breakthrough program, becoming a freshman again.

At the end of his first year at IBS, the 26-year-old is as keen on studying as he was on his first day. “I feel that I have made the right choice – I am interested in absolutely all the subjects and topics that we study,” he says. “It is difficult to choose, but perhaps the most interesting is international finance and the management module. We have the best teachers!”

Khalid Aliyu admits he did not expect such a high quality of teaching, and he is very grateful for that. He needs to work hard to meet the requirements of the Presidential Academy and his own high benchmark. He knows that it is time to think about employment, although there are still years of studying ahead.

The impressive study load and ambitious plans do not always leave him time for sports and hobbies, the young man says. Previously, he used to play soccer, was fond of poetry and even participated in recital competitions. In Kazan, his recital of the Russian poem “Barbarism” by the Tatar poet Musa Jalil in Russian earned him first place. Now the Nigerian has to set priorities carefully, choosing more profession-oriented projects.

During the Gaidar Forum, the student closely followed the discussions, delving into the international trends in politics and the economy. He is also actively involved in the information work of the RANEPA Student Council, and has recorded a video message on the RANEPA Summer Campus – both emotional and rational at the same time. Khalid clearly explained why it was worth it to apply for the event. According to him, the participants will have a chance to present their ideas, to improve their English, to meet like-minded people and friends, acquire stress management skills, and, of course, see the beauty of the Volga and the local ancient monuments and taste dishes of the Tatar cuisine.

Speaking of the Russian cuisine, Khalid said he loved buckwheat, which is completely unknown in his native Nigeria: “Buckwheat is my wholesome fast food!” he smiles. “I am wonder whether I should start a buckwheat growing business at home. I know a lot of recipes!” He also loves traditional Russian pancakes, especially during the Maslenitsa pancake week.

Khalid Aliyu emphasized that in Nigeria, there is a growing interest in studying in Russia, and he is determined to support the prestige of RANEPA among his compatriots. He sees contacts with other graduates, awareness and promotion of the Presidential Academy's brand around the world as extremely important and relevant goals. Khalid is ready to make every effort to promote such projects.



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