Nikolay Uskov: "We must always be with the reader"

12 July2017
Nikolay Uskov: "We must always be with the reader"

Nikolay Uskov, the Editor-in-Chief of Forbes Russia delivered a lecture on contemporary media market during his visit to RANEPA Summer Campus. Nikolay told about some of the trends and phenomena in the media market. The speaker has a rich background in publishing; he was the Editor-in-Chief of the Russian versions of Men's Health and GQ magazines, as well as of the ‘Snob’ magazine and the ‘Russian Pioneer’ magazine. He touched upon many aspects of the media business: the lifespan of the print versions of publications, the monetization of the mass media, the structural changes in media content consumption, the integration of traditional media into the Internet and blogosphere.
After the lecture the students thanked Nikolay for his objective approach to the delivery of information and asked him a lot of questions. Nikolay’s answer to the question on modern education in Journalism and its worthwhileness was as such: ‘Education in any of the fundamental sciences is better than in journalism.’ He mentioned himself (a historian), Konstantin Ernst (a biologist) along with many other editors as examples of professionals with an education in fundamental sciences. According to the lecturer, there is no use in studying journalism for five years – you have to do it your whole life, and it is better to start this process with immediate practical work.



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