Noemi Santamaria promises to return to Moscow, to the Presidential Academy

09 July2019
Noemi Santamaria promises to return to Moscow, to the Presidential Academy

A student of the Italian University of Siena, Noemi Santamaria, for a long time could not decide which language, besides English and Spanish, she could choose to study at the University – Russian or Chinese. After a trial lesson, she fell in love with Russian and went to study it in Russia, to the Russian Presidential Academy.

Today, Noemi has three years of studying the language; she writes in Russian and speaks it quite well. The Italian student notes that the time she spent at RANEPA under the International Mobility Program of the Institute of Industry Management (IIM) particularly helped her.

“I was attracted by the excellent reputation and prominence of RANEPA,”  Noemi Santamaria said. “I learned about the Academy and the Mobility Program through the word of mouth, from my colleague at the University of Siena, who was in Moscow last year.” Noemi explained that she wanted not only to learn grammar, but to learn to speak Russian well, so the best way for her was to come to Moscow and speak Russian with teachers, students and just people in the streets.

The Italian student noted that her practice in Moscow was a success. At the same time, teachers and students accepted her and were very supportive, helping to understand the complexities of subjects when they arose. Noemi studied geography of tourism, Spanish and Russian for foreigners, as well as Business English. “I really liked this subject taught by Olga Korabelnikova, a teacher of the English Language Department of IIM, and for the first time I was able to apply English in this aspect. It was a very interesting course that opened up new horizons for me,” Noemi says. “Thanks to Alla Zhukovskaya, a senior teacher of the Chair of Russian as a foreign language of the Institute for Social Sciences (ISS), I was able to improve my knowledge of the Russian language: I talked to her a lot and applied her advice in practice. She is one of the best teachers of the Russian language I happened to meet with.”

As Noemi said, the lessons and advice were especially useful to her while walking around Moscow – the city turned out to be so big! Knowledge of the Russian language helped to ask passers-by questions and, most importantly, to understand the answer. As acknowledged by the student, both in the Academy and in Moscow, she came across only kind and friendly people, which made both learning and studying the capital even more enjoyable.

For several months in Moscow, Noemi Santamaria managed to speak at the International Student Conference Digital Transformation: IoT, AI, VR, Big Data within the section Digital Transformation Strategies in Tourism and Sport organized by RANEPA IIM. “Thanks to the assistance of Nina Pestereva, Professor of the Chair of Management in the Sports and Tourism Industry of the Management Department  in the Sports and Tourism Industry of IIM , we and two Italian friends gave a presentation on health tourism in Italy,” Noemi says. “I also took part in the conferences “The Secret of Success: Development of Italian Projects in Russia” and “Perspectives of Russian-Italian Cooperation: Science, Culture and Education”, organized by the Institute of Public Administration and Civil Service (IPACS) of RANEPA.

Now, Noemi has returned to Italy to pass several exams. She has a master's degree ahead and a firm decision to continue her studies in Moscow. “I will definitely return to Moscow,” Noemi says. “This is a promise”.



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