“Out of the Ordinary” by RANEPA Professor Gerald Autier released by Alpina Publisher

31 October2019
“Out of the Ordinary” by RANEPA Professor Gerald Autier released by Alpina Publisher

Gerald Autier, Managing partner of Audacis Advisors and lecturer at RANEPA Department of Finance and Banking (DFB), has released a book “Out of the Ordinary,” a guide to understand investments into alternative assets, at the Russian publishing group Alpina.

The author examined alternative investment options such as commercial real estate, precious metals, private companies, hedge funds, renewable energy and works of art. Today, many are losing confidence in existing financial institutions and conventional assets, with the key to those held by the state-controlled Central Bank. Gerald Autier wrote this exciting study for rich and simply entrepreneurial people, exploring the role of hedge funds in optimizing the portfolio and strategic principles of competent investment.

The specifics of investing in hobby objects have to do with the rarity or uniqueness of the objects; some of them are absolutely unique. According to Gerald Autier, the book will help readers understand the laws of investing to avoid potential pitfalls; learn how to choose the options that are most appropriate for their goals; build up their capital through competent investment and asset diversification. For an entrepreneurial person, any problem can turn into new opportunities or even a new market.

Gerald Autier teaches the course on Strategies for Investing in Alternative Assets as part of Master's and MBA programs at RANEPA DFB. Over 15 years of practice, he has advised more than 500 clients on personal capital management, including senior executives of global companies, bankers, entrepreneurs, restaurateurs, heirs to large fortunes, and international-level athletes.

In 2005 Gerald Autier graduated from the University of Clermont-Ferrand (specialization: Wealth Management). Later he studied at the Institute of Private Equity at Oxford University (Saïd Business School). He heads the consulting company Audacis Advisors, which works with professional investors. He is also the creator of an alternative investment research platform.



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