Participants arrived at the Summer Campus of the Presidential Academy

09 July 2017
Participants arrived at the Summer Campus of the Presidential Academy

 In the morning, on July 7, the Summer campus welcomed its first student guests with a loaf of bread and chak-chak. The participants got acquainted not only with infrastructure, organizers and beautiful scenery, but also with each other, because already on the first day they were divided into teams and passed a rope course.

Many participants noted that the start of the Summer Campus turned out very intense and interesting, and students from team 1 shared their impressions about the first day. 

Celia Ferrandis Gil, team 1:

‘First day on a Campus was amazing because I met a lot of people, we had some activities to meet each other and we learnt a lot of things, we learnt how to communicate with our partners.’

Lyudmila Stavtseva, team 1: ‘Impressions are great, we met a lot of people – and this is just the first day. The accommodation is just wonderful, such beautiful views around are simply inspiring; and the whole intensive course today... And it's probably just little of what is coming, I am very happy!’

Danil Bochkov: ‘The first day was superb: a lot of talented guys arrived not only from different regions of Russia, but also from all over the world. We have quite an international team: there are students both from Serbia and Chile, and even from Latin America! Therefore, we already got acquainted with each other and teamed up. As a result, today our team passed all stations and won wherever it could. We are very happy and hope that everything is going to be like this.

As for the leader ... At all stations they asked, who manifested himself most, but we came to the conclusion that the idea of the Campus was that this should be the teamwork. Our whole team has always been working as a single mechanism, as a cohesive whole, so there was no leader as such. Perhaps, in the future, we will work some more and see who is the most prominent, but now we are trying to help each other and are moving ahead at the same level.

Logistics was organized very well, thanks to our Academy, so everything was great. It should be noted that there was a very warm welcome at the train station, guests from abroad were very pleased. Thank you!’

The Campus will be held in Innopolis, next to Kazan. The organizers of the Summer Campus of the Presidential Academy are the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, the Government of the Republic of Tatarstan, the Association of Innovative Regions of Russia, with the support of the Group of Companies ACIG.

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