Participants on RANEPA Summer Campus: It is fabulous here!

16 July2018
Participants on RANEPA Summer Campus: It is fabulous here!

The Sviyaga Hills alpine ski center (Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan) welcomed the participants in the 7th Global Educational Forum – RANEPA Summer Campus on July 15.

The first event of the RANEPA Summer Campus was the acquaintance of the students and earlier established teams – teambuilding. Now foreign speech is heard everywhere: greetings, laughter and kind jokes.

Coach Diana Fazlitdinova, Chairman of the Academy of Youth Diplomacy, shared her opinion: “I am holding the teambuilding for teams in the RANEPA Summer Campus for the second year. I can see that more countries are represented in the RANEPA Summer Campus now. It is good to see how active the participants are, how heartily they support each other. The campus is designed excellently, and it is due to the closely knit team. And it is very pleasant for me to meet guys from Tatarstan who participated in the Campus last year, and who help in arrangement and in team building this year.”

Participating students from different countries shared their first impressions

Umar Sardar (Pakistan): “At first, I was a little confused about how campus will go on. But today is our first day here and it’s amazing! We met our teams and did some activities for team coordination. So now we are like a family, thanks for it to RANEPA! I also want to say that it is my first time to Russia and I am in love with Russia. I think everyone should visit Russia one day.”

Baguma Medhi Zaidhi (Algeria): “For me it’s very interesting and fun to interact with other people. Today I met people from so many countries – Brazil, Spain, Germany, the USA, Portugal and others. Now we are doing team-building activity and I see how useful it is. By the way, I was surprised with the place where Summer Campus is carried out. I mean nature, view, landscape amazed me a lot, it is really beautiful.”

Mong Chijioke (Nigeria): “What are my impressions about first day here? It’s enigma. You know there are some things and experiences in life that you can’t express with words. And it relates to Campus. Kazan is really nice city. I also have visited Innopolis and I liked it. There are pure air, modern buildings, golfcars and, of course, view. Views here just put me in kind of trance!”

Juan Moreno Casares (Spain): “I really liked the way organizers Summer Campus met us here here. There were music, air balloons, everyone was happy and was dancing during the check-in process. I am also fond of the place where we are staying. It is so comfortable! And people here are nice, open and friendly. I am sure that next 11 days will be perfect.”

Milica Daric (Serbia): “It’s my first time when I am participant of a big international event and it’s so exciting. I am here just for some hours but I have already understood that the main thing here is friendship. And that’s cool, unique and precious. I have already found friends here – they are my teammates.”

Nuno Malao de Magalhaes (Portugal): “It’s only my first day at Summer Campus but it is really awesome. The people are amazing, the moderators and organizing team are also fantastic. I enjoy time at the Summer Campus and happy to be here. Actually it is my first experience of taking part in international events. It is interesting to see and meet people from all over the world. In addition, before coming to Russia I thought that Russian people are not friendly and sad. Now I totally disagree with that stereotype. Russian people are really friendly and kind.”


Sabir Galimullin (Samara): “Unique sensations! I like the accommodation – it is beautiful, convenient, comfortable. It is seen that the event is arranged very well, and I am very thankful for that. It is interesting for me to get acquainted with other participants, because in order to get here, to RANEPA Summer Campus, people had to pass a serious competitive selection.”

Maria Savina (Yekaterinburg): “It is for the first time that I attend a global event, and my first time being in the same team with foreign guys. It is a bit difficult, but I think that everything will be all right in a couple of days. To be honest, I did not expect organization of such a high level.”

Marina Kleschevnikova (Kazan): “The first think I saw upon arrival to the Campus is the positive atmosphere. I can see people smile, get acquainted, they laugh, joke with each other. One more thing that I liked is that we get to share the accommodation with foreigners. For instance, my neighbor is from China. It is really a great experience and exchange of impressions, the possibility to learn much about a different culture.”

Alexander Shebalov (Dzerzhinsk): “I got to like the RANEPA Summer Campus as soon as I arrived in Kazan. Girls in festive national Tatar costumes met us at the railway station and treated us to chak-chak. The atmosphere is so vibrant and exciting here! The venue, the views from the hotel, nature, the Volga inspire us to great achievements. So after all I have seen, I’m inspired and I'm waiting for the educational program.”

Olesya Kulpina (Lipetsk): “I have never been in such place – the territory of the RANEPA Summer Campus is very big, and everything works so smoothly! People who are always willing to advise and help are everywhere. The organizers are very kind and helpful. All in all, the atmosphere here is wonderful.”

Daria Pobedova (Moscow): “I’m extremely glad I am in RANEPA Summer Campus. Many of my friends and acquaintances have already been here, and they told me so much about it I couldn’t wait to see it today. Master classes, trainings, team work, creative activities, great place, warm-hearted people – all of this makes the Campus a memorable event in life of each participant. We were very warmly greeted and I think the following 11 days of the RANEPA Summer Campus will be at the highest level.”

All lectures of the RANEPA International Summer Campus – 2018

The organizers of RANEPA Summer Campus include RANEPA, the Government of Tatarstan, and the Association of Innovative Regions of Russia, with the support of ACIG Group of Companies.


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