Presidential Academy expert on employment opportunities

10 September2019
Presidential Academy expert on employment opportunities

Mark Agranovich, Director of the Research Center for Education Monitoring and Statistics of the Federal Institute for the Development of Education at RANEPA, attended WERA 2019 Focal Meeting in Tokyo, Japan.

The 10th World Education Research Association conference, Future of Democracy and Education: Realizing Equity and Social Justice Worldwide, was attended by more than 1,300 experts from around the world.

Mark Agranovich spoke at the session on “International perspectives on future trajectories and transition to employment from higher education.” His report, “Youth on the Labour Market: Education and Relative Chance to be Employed,” was based on a cross-country comparative analysis. The speaker addressed the uneven employment opportunities depending on education by country and by gender; he explored the socio-economic factors affecting the chances of finding employment in OECD countries, and the relationship between youth employment opportunities and socio-economic characteristics of various countries.

Mark Agranovich offered a useful indicator for making accurate international comparisons between countries with different unemployment rates. Based on this indicator, he examined the situation of labor market participants by age group, by level of education and by gender, and analyzed the dynamics and intercountry variation of employment opportunities, as well as the relationship between socio-economic characteristics of countries (economic development level, unemployment, migration rate, some specifics of national educational systems) and the chances to be employed with various levels of education. “The comparative analysis goal is not to assess whether a particular country’s indicators are better or worse than another’s, but to identify factors that affect these indicators and develop effective national educational policy tools,” the speaker noted.

Mark Agranovich also presented some conclusions obtained through the international comparative analysis. In particular, he found that in most countries, young people have lower chances of employment than workers aged 25-64, while in developed countries, the chances of employment grow along with the level of education; in less developed economies, low-educated workers have even higher chances of employment than their more educated colleagues. Furthermore, the analysis showed that in Russia, as in most other countries, men have better chances to be employed than women; at the same time, younger people of both sexes have smaller chances of employment than older applicants.

The study also showed that high unemployment in a country reduces the chances of young workers with secondary education and increases the chances of university graduates. Overall, the higher the general level of education in a country, the slimmer the chances of the least educated workers in that country.

Mark Agranovich’s report



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